Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Orly: Kiss The Bride

The reason why i bought this nail polish was because of the lovely Michelle from elbellesworld. I have been searching for Confetti by Orly for the longest time now in hope that someone might sell it, but no luck. Michelle left me a comment saying that this was almost an exact dupe for confetti which made me so happy. I cant wait to give this a try, it looks so pretty in the bottle. This is also my very first nail polish by Orly. My birthday is coming up really soon and i might be wishing for a few more bottles of Orly nail polish☺

Have you tried any nail polishes by Orly?
Do you have any colors to recommend me?☺
Love Christine♥


  1. That's a really lovely color! I have several polishes from Orly, and I really like their consistency! Plus they give you a lot for your money, compared to other polish brands. Enjoy your new color (:

  2. WOW! that's a pretty color :)

  3. I loooove the look of this colour plus I love Orly polishes, can't wait to see it on!

  4. Christine, So glad you got this, I hope you like it. Saw your newer post with it on and it looks gorgeous on you.

    Michelle x


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