Sunday, May 22, 2011

Makeup Bag and Headband From Glitzy Glam

You probably know the beautiful sisters Elle and Blair Fowler from youtube. They have their own shop online called Glitzy Glam. I placed my very first order from their website about two weeks ago and I got the package today. They have so many cute and fun things in their shop but what i really LOVE about their site is that you can get the items you buy personalized.

I ordered this adorable pink makeup bag and headband. I think the makeup bag is so cute and you can fit a lot of stuff in it too which makes it perfect for travelling. I really want to order another makeup bag with my whole name on it, i love personalized things☺

Have you ordered from Elle and Blair's shop before?
What do you think about the makeup bag and headband?
Love Christine


  1. I've been wanting one for ages but they haven't stocked up on black bags in months! I even emailed them and they told me they'd have them by the endof April :(

    Yours looks really pretty though - and it looks like it's good quality and properly lined and stuff :) Nice!

  2. That make up bag and headband are so cute :)

  3. cute stuff I love the makeup bag,love personalized stuff as well sweetie! Will chec them out thanx for sharing

  4. so pink!! :D and it has your initial on it <3 cute!


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