Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Elf Cosmetics: Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

I recently ordered a lot of products by Elf Cosmetics and this highlighter and concealer in one are one of the products that I picked up. Im very excited to try this out, it looked great when i swatched them on my hand and blended them out. It does not have a strong smell to it which I really like. Im going to try this out tomorrow and see how it looks. Im also going to be doing a review on this product

Which concealer and highlighter are you using at the moment, any favorites?☺
Love Christine♥


  1. I'm interested to see how you like it. I have tried so many different types of concealers but haven't found anything that completely covers my dark circles.

  2. great! i would love to read the review! me too, i don't like the smell of some products!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. I wanted to try this with my last ELF purchases... I'm curious to see how good the coverage of the concealer is! and also how the highlight works! excited for your review :)

  4. I use MAC as my concealer and actually never heard about this brand, cant wait for your review, I'm constantly in search of a perfect concealer

  5. Sadly I can't really wear concealer.. : / but oh well.. I do like elf!

  6. thanks for sharing :) looks like a nice product to me. <3

  7. I have been using Mac select cover concealer,no highlighter still looking for a perfect one!!!

    Thanx a lot sweetie,I received the brush today and can I just say I looooooooooooooooooooooooove it. I may have found my foundation Holy Grail brush but Will put it to test from 2mr hehe..Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!


  8. Can't wait for the review! I have actually been thinking of getting this!


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