Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L'oreal Paris: Lash Architect 4D

I saw the commercial for this new mascara by L'oreal Paris and now i really want to try it out.
Im currently using the L'oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes which I absolutely love, its such a good mascara. I love trying out new products and i think that this Lash Architect 4D might be a really good product. Im going to pick it up at the mall tomorrow and give it a try☺

Have you tried this mascara?☺
Love Christine♥


  1. I hope you'll like it!=D I don't wanna sound negative, but I personally thought that the wand contained a little bit too much mascara. But I'll be using it again though! =)

  2. i love the packaging and the unique brush! i havent had any luck with loreal mascaras yet though. maybe i'll try it out after i run out of my current mascara (:

  3. Aww I have it it's fabulous!

  4. hope you will like it.

    thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments.


  5. Thanks for your comment :)
    LOVE your blog xx

  6. I always love to try a great new mascara!

    xo L.

  7. 4D lashes?? WOW, would love to get my hands on that mascara.. First time on your blog and I love it..

    Posh Culture


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