Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bandage Dress

* Jacket - H&M
* Dress - BikBok
* Bracelets - Pieces
* Shoes - meandshoes.com

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What do you think?☺
Love Christine♥


  1. LOVE the contrast you got going on with your outfit!

  2. I love the bandage dress!!! Looks amazing.

  3. ooh I love that dress! Gorgeous! Wish I could wear outfits like that where I live without looking weird lol

  4. I love your dress! It's gorgeous and looks great on you! I love how it looks paired with that jacket and the wedges! Very nice =)

    Andrée xx

  5. i am OBSESSED with bandage dresses, they are all i wear when i go out so i am IN LOVE with yours. you look great!

  6. nice outfit that dress looks really good on you! :)


  7. that dress is so fierce! very cruella de vil esque! =)


  8. Love this look!!! The style of the dress suits you. :-)

  9. OMG you look S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G .. love your style.. love your hair.. and that dress and jacket are really gorgeous!!..

    Remember I told you I had that ELF golden bronzer on the way?.. I got it. but it's actually much more of a highlighter.. I don't know if you have the warm bronzer but the warm bronzer is more pigmented and more bronzy and less shimmery.

    Because I know you have the luminance one.. the luminance one is lighter. Luminance is somewhat more of a light yellowish shade and a couple of shades lighter. The golden bronzer has a tint to it .. it is golden and a little bronzed. I quite like the golden bronzer as a highlight. But given that you're lighter than me.. I would stick to the luminance one. I personnally prefer the luminance one too even for my warm skintone. I actually got myself an nyc bronzer in sunny and I love it.. It goes really well with my warm skintone.

    I think you're better off trying the nyx powder blush in taupe though. It is matte with a sating finish and since I think you're more on the cool side skintone wise, I think that would suit you better.

    A slightly more pigmented, slightly more on the warm side bronzer is the ELF studio cool bronzer. But I think it may be a little too pigmented for your liking as I already have to blend it quite a lot.. and I use a light hand.. But it contours brilliantly.

    If you don't have it and want something more bronzy .. I would suggest getting the warm bronzer.. It would suit almost all skintones, and it's quite easy to use xxx

    Sorry for the long comment.. but I hope this helps xx

    Keep the posts coming.. I love them x

  10. You're looking gorgeous! Love this outfit, so sexy!

  11. LOVE your outfit, this dress is amazing and so sexy!!
    I've got something like this, but it's dark pink & black. I've never wore it, but it will be perfect for summer parties!! :)
    Your new hairstyle is very pretty, as well!

    xoxo, Betty :)

  12. GORGEOUS. I love that dress! I wish I was as tall as you are!



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