Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loreal Paris: Lipstick in Fairest Nude


Fairest Nude finally came in the mail yesterday and im so excited, this is such a beautiful lipstick. I bought this because of all the attention it has got from other beauty bloggers and also from the gurus on youtube. They definitely were right about this lipstick, its gorgeous and so natural looking. Its such a beautiful color that is going to look good on everyone and i just have to say that im happy that i spent my money on this one. Its definitely a lipstick that im going to use a lot☺

What do you think about Fairest Nude?
Which lipstick by Loreal Paris is you're favorite?☺
Love Christine♥


  1. oh i am so in love with these new loreal lipstick colours!!

  2. Wow it does look really pretty!

  3. it looks so creamy and pretty! i'd love to see this on you soon! :)

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  5. Lovely colour. Very natural:)

  6. Pretty color. Not really a fan of L'oreal lipsticks, but this is sooo pretty, would love to try it out.

  7. it does look like a very natural shade for you. glad you bought it!

  8. this looks interesting...not what i exptected to see with a "nude" name! i may have to check this one out!

  9. I like this color! :D


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