Monday, July 27, 2015


I have teamed up with the amazing people over at MizSpa and together we are giving away a brand new 100ml bottle of Daisy Eau De Toilette by Marc Jacobs. I have quickly fallen in love with this fragrance from Marc Jacobs and I'm so excited to be able to give one of you guys the chance win a bottle for yourself. If you like sweet yet fresh and floral scented perfumes, I think Daisy Eau De Toilette is a perfect match for you! :-)

If you want to be part of our giveaway, just fill out the Rafflecopter form down below! :-) 
 ♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette 100ml Spray, (HERE). 

 ♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette 100ml Spray, (HERE). 
 If you missed my review of Daisy Eau De Toilette by Marc Jacobs, you can read all about it, (HERE). 

The giveaway is open to everyone and it will end on August 20th. Good luck! :-) 
Love, Christine ♥


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray is a very fresh and feminine fragrance with a playful innocence. The heart of Daisy is floral with vintage edge of violet. Sophisticated with a touch of whimsy, the violet captures the eclectic and timeless flavor of the groundbreaking, beautiful and feminine designs from Marc Jacobs. Daisy EDT is elegant and classy with it's notes of violet leaves, violet petals, jasmine petals, strawberry, ruby red grapefruit and a blend of musk, vanilla and white woods. 
 ♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray, (HERE). 

Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray (available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and Rollerball.) is a very floral, feminine and romantic fragrance, which is perfect now that it's Summer here in Norway. I have never been the biggest fan of floral scented perfumes, but this one is right up my alley. The scent isn't too strong or heavy, which makes it a great pick for every day too. 

How gorgeous is the design of the bottle? I'm in love! It's truly beautiful, very elegant and classy looking in my opinion. One of my favorite things to do with my perfumes (all beauty related items in general) is to display them around my makeup table and different shelves around the room. It's a nice way for me to keep track of my collection as well as remind myself to use what I already have. Daisy EDT has her own spot in the middle of my IKEA perfume tray at the moment, but I will be giving her a new home soon. I'm in the middle of organizing and changing up the look of my makeup area, so until I'm all finished with that project, the perfume tray is her home for now! :-)

 ♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray, (HERE).

♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray, (HERE). 

If you like clean yet sweet, girly and floral scented perfumes, I think that you are going to like Daisy EDT by Marc Jacobs. I have been wearing it quite a lot since I got it and I really like it. The scent is really fresh and lightweight and it makes you smell like you just rolled out of a flower meadow, amazing! 

MizSpa and I will be giving away a brand new bottle of Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray by Marc Jacobs. I will be posting the giveaway on my blog later this evening, so keep your pretty eyes open for that! :-) 

Where to buy?
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray is available at MizSpa for $79.99, (HERE).

Marc Jacobs is cruelty free.

Have you tried Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray by Marc Jacobs? What do you think about it? Have you tried any other perfumes by Marc Jacobs? Which one is you're favorite? :-)

Love, Christine ♥


This product(s) was sent to me by MizSpa for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item(s). All opinions are my own and 100% honest.  

Monday, July 6, 2015


Hi everyone, how are you doing today? I hope that you are doing good and that you are having a lovely Monday so far. It's been a while since I have done a blog post now, I've missed interacting with you guys so much. To be completely honest with you, I have been feeling a little unmotivated with my blog lately but I have slowly been getting my ''spark'' back and I can't wait to get back into blogging again. There are so many products that I want to share with you guys and I'm beyond excited to do so! :-) 

Today's post is going to be all about my May GLOSSYBOX. I know this GLOSSYBOX post is going up a lot later than usual, but I still wanted to get it up for you guys and show you the items that I received in my May GLOSSYBOX. This box is called Summer Countdown and it's filled with 5 hair and skin care products that will get you ready for the Summer months in no time. Let's go on and take a closer look at the goodies inside the May GLOSSYBOX! :-)
♥ GLOSSYBOX: May 2015. 

 ♥ Kueshi Anti-Cellulite Booster Lotion, (HERE). 

The Kueshi Anti-Cellulite Booster is an anti-cellulite lotion, which is enriched with a natural extract complex that combats existing cellulite and prevents formation of new cellulite. This sounds like an interesting product, which I'm looking forward to testing out. Have you tried it before? :-) 
 ♥ Make Up Store Messy Haircare System, (HERE). 

One of the items that I'm most excited to try out is the haircare system from Make Up Store. Make Up Store is one of my favorite brands, because they have so many amazing products to choose from and their prices aren't too bad either. I can't wait to try out the Messy haircare system, it looks great. I love a messy hair look in the Summer, so I'm excited to give this product a go. Now that my hair is a lot shorter than what it used to be, I think it's going to keep my hair looking messy a lot longer and give me that Summer hairdo that I love so much! :-) 
 ♥ Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil SPF 15, (HERE). 

I have been a fan of Hawaiian Tropic for a while now and I really like using their sun protective products during the Summer months. They smell great and they don't feel too greasy and oily on the skin, which I really like. This is their Protective Dry Oil, which I have read some lovely things about. It's supposed to be water resistant and it also has a lovely luxurious coconut scent, which to me is the perfect Summer scent. I'm excited to test it out and see if I like it or not, might do a review on it if anyone is interested! :-) 
 ♥ Etre Belle Aloe-Vera Moisturizing Gel, (HERE). 
♥ Sanex Dermo Protector Shower Soap, (HERE). 

Overall, I'm quite happy with the items that I received in the May GLOSSYBOX. I do wish that they included a lipstick or maybe an nail polish in a fun Summer color, because I been obsessed with nail polishes and lipsticks lately. But I'm looking forward to trying out everything that they included in this box, they look and sound like lovely products for the Summer. Let me know if there is a product here that you would like to see a review on, I would be more than happy to do so! :-) 

What did you get in your May GLOSSYBOX? Have you tried out any of the products that I received in my box? :-) 
Love, Christine ♥

PS: I just want to thank those of you who took the time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday on June 16th. I really appreciate all the love and you guys made my day even better, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! :-)
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