Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jewelry: Bracelets

When i was cleaning out my "old room", i found these bracelets that i bought a while ago.
I have been living in a total mess haha, but now im going to organize everything so i know where everything is.

I found these bracelets in a store called Nille here in Norway. They have alot of cute things in that store. They had alot of colors to choose from, but i decided to get the purple and the blue one. The blue one is my favorite, its such a pretty color.

I love jewerly, I paid $5 for each of these.

Im looking for a good way to store my rings and bracelets and i need some tips.
How do you store your rings, bracelets and jewerly? :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: Nail Polish Remover From H&M

This nail polish remover from H&M is my favorite one to remove my nail polish with.
They have a pink and a blue bottle, i picked the pink one because it has vitamin E and because its pink of course!

The thing that i really LOVE about this one is that this smells so good.
At first when you apply it to a cotton piece it smells a little strong like every nail polish remover does. But in only a few seconds, the smell changes. The smell reminds me of a type of candy, its amazing and my nails smell like that all day. It does a really good job removing the nail polish as well.

All the nail polish removers that i have tried have such a strong smell that it gives me a headache, im so happy that i have found this product since im a big fan of nail polishes.

Would i buy this product again?
Yeah absolutely! Im sticking to this one for sure.

Would i recommend this product?
Yeah of course i would. If you are looking for a new nail polish remover, you should check this out next time you are in your local H&M store. This is a must if you like to use alot of nail polishes. You are going to love the smell too.

Do you have a favorite nail polish remover?

Angel Wing Earrings

Hey Cupcakes :)

Have you seen the cute frames that F21 has on their website? It's so cute and its pink. It will look awesome in my room since alot is pink in there haha :P

Anyways, today i got some cute things in the mail.
A package from F21 (with the pink frame), Makeup products (including the MAC Giveaway Products) and these adorable earrings.

I love these angel wing earrings, aren't they the cutest?
I got them at ebay, paid $6 which i think is a good deal.

Been looking for some angel wing earrings ever since i saw Peyton from One Tree Hill.
She had some gorgeous ones in one of the eppisodes. They were much bigger than mine but i like that mine are small. Im going to look for a bigger pair, ebay has everything you need :)

Whats your favorite place to shop online?

H&M Mini Haul: Underwear

A while ago, H&M had sale on underwear and i just had to pick up a few sets that i really liked.
H&M always have cute stuff, they are definitely one of my favorite stores to shop in.

This set is very sexy. It was only $8 for the corset and $5 for the panties.
Such a great deal for this beautiful set. This red color is gorgeous.

I love this, its my favorite set. Love the lace details, makes it look even better.

I LOVE leopard prints and i just had to buy this as well.
I paid $8 for the bra and $5 for the panties.

Im a huge fan of cute things like snoopy, hello kitty and betty boop.
Really liked this top, it was only $8 as well. I love the army green color, its one of my favorite colors to use. This also came with a green shorts.

I got some packages in the mail today, yay i love getting mail haha.
One of them is the MAC Cosmetics products for my giveaway, im so happy they are finally here.
I also got some cute earrings and other makeup products. Going to post pictures later :)

Now im going do my makeup and do some shopping in the city.
Going to look for some stuff for our apartment and my "new room" :)

Do you have any plans for today? :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping Haul: H&M, Storage Boxes & New Perfume

It's time to post whats in my shopping bags, if you did not see my post about this, you can read about it here
Bought these things tree days ago when i went shopping with my mom.

H&M: Coat

I love this coat from H&M. Its so pretty and very warm, which is perfect now since its beginning to get so cold outside. I love the buttons on this coat, gorgeous details.

Im going to exchange this for a new one because one of the buttons is broken.
Going to do that today or tomorrow.

H&M: Cardigan

This cardigan is so cute, i love all the different colors. Cant wait to start using this and i also love that its super long :)

H&M: Sweather

This is a perfect black sweather. I bought a blue sweather a while ago, and i needed a black regular sweather to wear underneath since it itches a little. This is just perfect.

H&M: Scarf

This scarf is HUGE and i LOVE it, haha! Its so confortable and soft and i know its going to get used alot when the snow comes.

Storage Box From Skeidar:

Like i said in my preview post, im working on a makeup room/ walk in closet and i need some boxes to store my things in. This is perfect for that.
It comes with 7 boxes in different sizes, AMAZING and the print is just the cutest :)
Only paid $33, good deal for all 7 boxes.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia:

This is one of the best perfumes that i own. I sprayed a little on my hand before i went shopping and waited to see how it smelled on my skin. After two-three hours i smelled my arm and it was so amazing, so i just had to get back to the store and buy it.
If you haven't smelled this, do it next time your in your perfume store.
Maybe you will love it too :)

Biotherm Products:

This set consists of a cleanser, moisturizer and toning water. Have been using these Biotherm products for almost two months now. Really like them, my skin feels so soft now.
You want me to do a review on these?

H&M: Pearl Bracelets

I heart bracelets and these are adorable.
I love pearls, these are going to be perfect for my outfit today.
Posting my outfit picture later today :)

Let me know if you have any requests :)

Have you bought anything from H&M lately?
Whats your favorite perfume? :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

This is by far the best mascara that i have tried. This makes my lashes look so pretty and long.
This mascara comes in different colors like black, blue, brown, violet, burgundy and grey.
Always get a luxurious feeling when i use this and i love the gold packaging, its gorgeous.
This mascara actually smells really good too, not like the others i own.

Would i recommend this product?
Oh yes, this mascara is amazing and i think that you will love it as much as i do.

Would i buy this again?
Absolutely! This is the best mascara i have tried. Dont think i will find another one like this, so im sticking to this one.

The only thing that i dont like about this product is that its a little expensive. I paid $42 for it.
But i think its worth the money because of the quality. I would rather invest in a good mascara like this one, then spend money on something that isn't good.

Which mascara is your favorite? :)

Smashbox: Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer

When i was visiting my friend Helene, we visited a store called KICKS in Sweden.
They have alot of different beauty products and brands, really amazing store.
One of the girls that worked there helped me find a foundation / tinted moisturizer that was the right color for my skin. It was not easy at first since my skin is pretty light, but she found this from Smashbox.

I really like this product, it looks so natural and pretty on my skin.
I will definitely keep buying this.

I have seen so many people that use a foundation that is too dark for their skin tone, and that is not a pretty look.
Sometimes the light can fool you when you apply your foundation, you should apply it in day light, then you will see the true color.


This is the color Fair which is Smashbox's lightest color.
I bought mine at Ebay, you can also get it here

Do you have a favorite Foundation or tinted moisturizer?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NYX: The Caribbean Collection - Swatches

Thank you so much to the beautiful Rakhshanda for requesting swatches of this palette by NYX Cosmetics. It really means so much to me that you take the time to comment on my posts, THANK YOU SO MUCH :)


Here is the color that was broken. Its such a pretty color, sad it's completely broken in the middle, but at least it's some color left in the corners haha.

I will try and post a look tomorrow using this palette.
Which colors do you want to see a look with? :)

NYX Cosmetics: The Caribbean Collection

Today i got this NYX palette in the mail, its from their Caribbean Collection.
I love the palettes that they have in this collection, i think they are really pretty and they have alot of colors to choose from.

I bought this at Ebay. This is number 08 in the collection.
The bad thing is that the darkest purple color was completely broken.
Its almost nothing left. Thats why i hate shopping palettes online, you never know if they are whole when you get them.
I am so happy that it was only one color that was broken.

The reasons why i got this was because of the first, third and fourth color.
They are so pretty and i cant wait to try them out. I love NYX, think their makeup is very good and not that expensive.

Will be posting a look with this palette, tell me if there is any colors you want to see and if you want to see some swatches :)

Let me know if you have any requests or questions and dont forget to check out my NYX Cosmetics Giveaway :)

Have you tried out their Caribbean Collection?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Green H&M Dress: Its Finally Mine

Just got back home, been shopping with my mom this evening. Had a wonderful and fun time with her. Im so happy that my mom and I are close.
Love her so much, happy that she is my mom :)

New Dress From H&M:
Two weeks ago my mom ordered me this amazing and gorgeous green dress from H&M's website. They did not have it the right size in the store, so she ordered it for me. I love it and have been wanting this since i saw it come out. Think i will be wearing this dress for Christmas, the green color really gives me a Christmas Feeling :)

Shopping bags :)
I never get home empty handed when im in the city.
I got some clothes at H&M, skin products and a new perfume
(Acqua Di Gioia)
I also got some really cool storage boxes to store alot of my things in.

Let me know if you want to see a haul on the things that i got :)

My boyfriend bought me a really beautiful desk yesterday.
Really needed something to store my makeup in and everything else and
now i finally have one thanks to him.
So happy that i finally get to have all my things in one room.
My makeup, shoes, clothing racks, everything. Almost like a little
walk in closet.

Going to post before and after pictures. This is going to be so amazing when its
all finished. Now its just a mess haha :)

What have you been doing today? :)

Sigma Makeup: New Kabuki Brush & Brush

I cant believe that i already have gotten so many comments on my giveaway and its only the first day. Thank you a million times for supporting me and my blog and for being a part of it.
I cant wait to pick a winner :)

Back to the title of the post.
I ordered two things from Sigma Makeup. I love Sigma, i buy all my brushes there.
Im always so pleased with the things i buy on their website, their quality is fantastic. If you haven't tried Sigma before, you should absolutely have a look on their website here

My Two Sigma Products:

E25 Blending Brush:

This brush blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows.
This is a perfect brush to use to apply your eyeshadows, primers, base and blend harsh lines. Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides.

This is the same brush as the sample brush Sigma always include in your package when you order online. I really wanted this in full size, since i have all full size brushes in my collection.

The Hollywood Glamour Collection:

Miss Taylor Retractable Flat Top Kabuki.
With a flat top kabuki brush, its easier to apply powder products such as blush, bronzer, foundation and highlighter on-the-go.

I already have another kabuki brush from Sigma. Im using that to apply my blush.
This one im going to use to apply my new tinted moisturizer. Its going to be perfect for that since its flat and much easier to work with.

Have you bought anything from Sigma Makeup?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Elf Cosmetics: Eye Shadows

This is my last haul post from Elf Cosmetics. I cant believe that i actually bought 40 products.
Free shipping is a dangerous thing for a makeup addict haha. But im very happy about the products that i got. Did not like every product, but most of them.
Will be doing some reviews too. If you have any questions, please let me know :)

Eyeshadow Duo:

Berry Mix, Olive & Eggplant


Berry Mix



Single Eyeshadows:

Saddle & Wild Wheat

Pepple & Amethyst


Im loving these eyeshadows. Really like the colors and they are actually
really pigmented. Love that their products are so pigmented and really
good quality. Its amazing since this brand is so affordable :)

My boyfriend ordered me a really amazing organizer. Now i finally can store my makeup in one place, cant wait until i get it. We are also going to look for a desk later today, need a new makeup table. Cant wait to get everything in order :)

I will be posting my NYX Giveaway tonight, so please stay tuned.
Im so excited :)

Do you have any plans today?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Helena Rubinstein Mascara

This is the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara. I bought this mascara a couple of weeks ago, because i thought it was so cute. Its nothing special about this mascara.
One of the reasons why i bought this product, was because of the packaging.
I really love things with leopard prints, i think its such a cute look.

They had two types of this mascara in the store. I picked this because the lady in the store said that this give your lashes more volume.
It didn't give my lashes much volume, and i dont think its worth $50.
Thats more than my YSL Mascara, which is ten times better.

This mascara is okay to use. The thing that i dont like at all about this product, is that its very wet. I had to be very careful to not apply to much at once, because then i would get black spots around my eye area.

I like the brush, it makes it more easier to apply the mascara.

Would i buy this product again?
No i would not buy this mascara again.

Would i recommend it to you?
If you like cute packaging, this is a perfect product. I think its very cute, and it was the reason why i got this. You should look for it next time your in your favorite beauty store. Maybe you will like this product.

Which mascara is your favorite at the moment? :)

Elf Cosmetics: Liquid Eyeshadows

Bought these two liquid eyeshadows from elf cosmetics. Thought they looked kind of fun to play with so i ordered two. They have 8 colors to choose from. I decided to try out Sexy Silver and Misty Mauve. They did not have the other colors that i wanted, hope they will get them back in stock soon.

You apply the color to your eyelid and blend it in. Allow the product to fully dry and then apply more if you want.


Sexy Silver & Misty Mauve

I really like these two colors. Cant wait to try out the misty mauve, its such a cute color.
I have never tried liquid eyeshadows before, so its going to be very interesting and fun.

Have you tried liquid eyeshadows before?
What do you think? :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Favorite Concealer

Hey Cupcakes :)

Today i have been out shopping gifts for my boyfriend. On Sunday we have our 3 year anniversary and im so excited. Im so happy to have him in my life, he is my everything :)

I stopped by H&M because i needed to buy a new concealer. I have been using their concealer for a very long time now and i like it. They only have it in Soft Nougat
(never seen another shade in the store before), its a light color.
This is my third bottle, use it everyday. Maybe i will do a review about this product, would that be interesting? :)


Our H&M store has good range of products to choose from. Thats what i really like about our H&M store. Their makeup range and clothes are fabulous. They also have so many adorable items such as Hello Kitty and Betty Boop. Saw that they got some new Betty Boop products, really cute. Thinking about buying one of the glitter palettes just to try it out. Love glitter eyeshadows.

I also saw a gorgeous coat at H&M. Its perfect for fall and winter time, need to get my hands
on that baby. I really want it in grey and also in red. Two amazing fall colors. :)

Does your H&M store have a good range off beauty and makeup products?

Elf Cosmetics: Nail Polishes

Woohoo, im finally done taking pictures of the nail polishes from elf cosmetics.
It took a while since i had to wait for the nail polish to dry, apply another coat, take picture and then wipe it of and start on a new color.

But i finally have pictures to show you guys, let me know what you think and leave me a comment if you have any questions about the products or requests :)


Smoky Brown

Mod Mauve



Red Velvet

Berry Pink

Passion Pink



Mint Cream



Dark Navy

This is just a matte finisher clear nail polish.

These are all the nail polishes that i ordered from Elf. I also have a few others that i ordered a very long time ago, so my nail polish collection is getting pretty huge now. Love collecting nail polishes and makeup, im a total addict haha.

I have already made up my mind which of these colors that are my favorite.
Love Smoky Brown, Blush, Red Velvet and Berry Pink. I also love gum pink and royal purple which are two of the colors i bought a while ago.

What is your favorite nail polish color?
Do you have any favorite brands? :)
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