Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elf Cosmetics, New Nail Polishes

Elf Cosmetics has finally released a few new nail polishes on their website. They have just arrived on the Norwegian site, so i have ordered all of them and a few more items that i have been wanting to try out.

Its been a while since i have ordered from Elf Cosmetics. Just been waiting for something new to arrive :)


Teal Blue:

Dark Glitter Purple:

These colors look really pretty, cant wait to recieve it in the mail. Hopefully the package will be waiting for me when i get home. I also won my second giveaway, woohoo :)

Do you have any of these nail polishes?
Xoxo Christine

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hey Guys :)
We are officially in Phuket, its really beautiful here. We are staying here for 10 days before we leave back to Norway. Hopefully i will get a nice tan before im going home :)

We are staying at the Sugarpalm Resort, which is a gorgeous and huge hotel.
The internet is really bad, it wont let me upload pictures, but tomorrow we are changing our room, hopefully the internet will be better ( we are getting a room higher up) Maybe then i can show you lots of pictures.

I managed to upload this one picture from our hotel room. The rooms are black and purple, really pretty and so big. Tomorrow we are going down to the beach, its only minutes away.

xoxo Christine

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forever 21

Today we have been doing some shopping here in Bangkok and i finally got to go to my favorite store which is Forever 21. It was incredible there, they have so many beautiful clothes and their accessories are the best. I picked up some things that i cant wait to show you guys.
Forever 21 is located in Central World Plaza. The MBK Mall consists off 2000 different stores, its AMAZING and so huge.

We also visited a huge Aquarium inside the Siam Paragon. That mall is filled with every brand you can think off. We also visited Madame Tussauds. Really amazing experience!

Tomorrow we are leaving for Phuket, so now i have to get some sleep.
I hope you guys are doing great and feel free to leave me requests or questions :)

Do you have a favorite store?
Xoxo Christine

Confessions Of A Beautyholic Giveaway

Check out this really awesome giveaway by Confessions of a beautyholic. Here is your chance to win amazing products :)

Enter this giveaway here

Xoxo Christine

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paradiso Boutique Suites

Hey Guys :)

We are finally in Bangkok after a long day of travelling. I am so tired, cant wait to get some sleep, but i wanted to update you a little first and let you know that we arrived safely. Just he fligh to Bangkok took 10 hours, so we have been travelling for 23 hours, pretty exhausted haha!

I wanted to share these hotel pictures with you. The hotel we are staying at is called Paradiso Boutique Suites, a very pretty hotel.

We are only starying here a few days, then we are off to Phuket.

As you can see, i brought too much with me on this trip haha but no worries. Im going to buy a big bag and take it with me as my hand luggage when we are going back home.

Tomorrow we are going shopping, cant wait to see which stores they have here :)

Hope that you are doing well :)
Xoxo Christine

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thailand Here We Come

Finally, my suitcase is packed, woohoo. Im so excited to get away from the cold and the snow here in Norway, and get to Thailand where its hot and i get to wear my summer clothes.
Im taking my computer with me, so i will update you with pictures and outfit posts :)

Sorry for the lack of blogging today, just been so busy with packing :)
I dont want to forget anything haha!

My next blog post is going to be in Thailand, talk to you guys soon :)
Xoxo Christine

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nails Of The Day Featuring Four Leaf Clover

Im loving this nail polish by China Glaze, look how pretty it is :)

What do you think about the color? :)
Xoxo Christine

M Beauty Lounge Nail Polish Haul

I found this site called M Beauty Lounge a while ago and i just have to say that i love that site so much. It has become by favorite nail polish site. They sell different nail polish brands such as China Glaze, OPI, Essie, Zoya, etc. Not a lot of these brands are available where i live, but now i finally have a site that i can get them from.

Here are the items that i picked up, im also waiting for another package from them. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow, if not i wont be able to show it to you before i get back from Thailand :)

Katy Perry Collection By OPI:

From Left To Right:
The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night & Not Like The Movies.

The reason why i bought this set, was because of the nail polish called Teenage Dream. I have heard so many good things about that nail polish here on blogger and on youtube. So I wanted to check it out and decided to just buy the mini set that includes all the colors instead of only Teenage Dream. The colors look really beautiful and i cant wait to try them out :)

China Glaze - Something Sweet:

Something Sweet is such a cute color which is perfect to use for a everyday look.

China Glaze - Peachy Keen:

I love this color :)

China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover:

This is my favorite one out of these three colors by China Glaze. I think its such a pretty and fresh color that will look awesome for the summer time. Im actually wearing this now, posting my NOTD pictures later :)

All these nail polishes by China Glaze are from their collection called Up & Away.

What do you think about the nail polishes i picked up?
Do you have any of these in your collection? :)
Xoxo Christine

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Harem Pants & New Ring

I went to the mall with my mom today, we had a fun time together. I managed to only pick up these two things haha! I have decided not to buy anything else before we get to Thailand!

I have a nail polish haul coming up soon, got some goodies in the mail today :)

Harlem Pants:

I cant wait to start using my summer clothes, its going to be so good to get away from the cold and the snow that we have here in Norway.

These pants are going to be so confortable to wear in Thailand, pair it up with some sandals and a simple, maybe oversized tank top and accessories :)

New Ring:

This ring is so gorgeous! I love pink and gold together, it makes such a great combination.

What's your opinion on Harem Pants?
Xoxo Christine

Swatches: MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Posted my MAC Cosmetics Haul last night and i got a few requests if i could post swatches of the products i bought. I would be happy to do that :)


From Right To Left:
Paint Pot in Bare Study, Honesty & Seedy Pearl (eyeshadows)

Thank you so much for your requests, i love getting feedback from you guys.

What do you think about the swatches?
Which one is your favorite? :)
Xoxo Christine

MAC Cosmetics Haul

I wanted to share these four items that i picked up at MAC Cosmetics when i was visiting my sister in Trondheim. Im very happy about the products i bought, my favorite one is the paint pot. I definitely need to buy more paint pots, they are truly amazing.

Let me know in the comment section if you want to see swatches of the eyeshadows and the paint pot, would be happy to do it :)

Complete Comfort Creme:

I have been wanting to try this product for such a long time and i finally got the chance to pick it up. I will do a review on this product later.

Paint Pot in Bare Study:

This is my favorite product out of all four i bought, i think its amazing.I love wearing this alone with just mascara and liner, such a pretty and natural look.

Eyeshadow - Seedy Pearl:

Eyeshadow - Honesty:

Cant wait to try out these pretty eyeshadows, i love MAC eyeshadows :)

What do you think about my haul?
Do you have any of these products in your collection? :)
Xoxo Christine

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink Giveaway By Elle's Make Up Blog!

I wanted to share this really cute pink giveaway with you guys :)

Elle's Make Up Blog:

Click here to enter this giveaway!

Xoxo Christine

Review: EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm

I absolutely love my Summer Fruit Lip balm by EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Its my favorite lip balm and i take it with me everywhere. I hate the feeling of dry lips but this lip balm gives you long-lasting moisture which is really amazing. Im addicted to this product haha, i love it so much. It moisturizes the lips perfect and it will last you for a while. This is my third one :)

I love using this before i apply my lipstick or lipgloss. I have noticed that the sticky liglosses becomes less sticky if i use this before i apply it. I hate sticky lipglosses but now they feel better on the lips which means that i will use my lipglosses more.

I really recommend this EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. Its a really good product and it smells really good too :)

They have other products too. I have just tried their lip balms, but i really want to try some of their other products such as the Body Lotion, Shave Cream and Hand Cream.

Click here to see more of their products.

Have you tried the EOS Lip balms?
Which one os your favorite? :)
Xoxo Christine

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Too Faced Glamour Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss (Requested)

The lovely 871sher asked me if i could post swatches of my new lipgloss by Too Faced and i would be happy to do that :) If you didn't see my post about my new Look Of Love Spring Set by Too Faced, you can read about it here


This is actually a really pretty nude lipgloss with a little hint of pink, a perfect lipgloss for the summer. This is a volumizing lip gloss with lip injection comfort plump and its in the color Barely Legal.

I know a lot of people dont like these type of lipglosses because of the tingling and cold feeling you get but i actually like it. I also own a Buxom lip gloss by id./bare escentuals which is amazing and really makes your lips look fuller and luscious.

What do you think about the swatch?
Would it be something you would want to use this summer? :)
Xoxo Christine

Too Faced Look Of Love Spring Set

I got this set by Too Faced in the mail today. I bought a dress from Nelly.Com a while ago but it was too big so i replaced it with this Look Of Love Set instead. Its so pretty and has a lot of different products in it.

Makeup Bag:

This is such a cute makeup bag which is perfect for traveling.

Eyeshadow Primer:

This is a really good eyeshadow primer. I have the mini one that came in another Too Faced Palette.

Face Primer:



Ligloss in the color Barely Legal.


Lash Injection Mascara, i have been wanting to try this for such a long time now.

Eyeshadow & Blush

This quad is so cute, it has two eyeshadows and a blush. The eyeshadows are called Silk Teddy and Totally Toasted and the blush is called La Vie en Rose

So excited to try everything out, these products look really good :)

Let me know if you want any reviews or pictures of the blush, lipgloss and eyeshadows :)

Have you tried any of these products before?
Which one is your favorite? :)
Xoxo Christine
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