Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wishlist: Denim Jacket

I saw this gorgeous denim jacket online at H&M's website and i want it so bad. It would be perfect for summer, but the thing is that its sold out online so i need to go the the mall and have a look there. Hopefully they still have it in the store. This is going to look so cute with summer dresses. A denim jacket goes with everything, thats why its a must have :)

What do you think about the jacket?
Do you own a denim jacket? :)

Xoxo Christine


  1. haha that pair of flats are a nice touch to the picture :D

  2. I bought one from zara last year for a really good price and honestly I don't know where I'd be without it :) X

  3. Hi thanks for visiting my blog :) I got the Kat Von D palettes from Sephora. They all have really great color pay off, the only down side is the ones that come with a cream base tend to dry up fast. It just takes a little more work to warm it up but other than that, they're great!
    I need me a denim jacket myself! On the H&M US site we can't order online! Grr! Frustrating getting on their site cuz then I have a hard time finding their things in the store...but then there's a million other cute things in there too haha I always walk out of there w/a smile :P

  4. You are so right I picked up a jean jacket and a jean vest to wear with dresses this spring/summer. Good Luck finding your jacket! I got mines from Forever 21 check on the website or store they are bringing back a lot of those things back in stock!

  5. i really want a denim jacket too! i like the one hellz bellz came out with ( but it came out a while back and i missed out on it :(
    good luck hunting for yours!

  6. Ohh you're so sweet, thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog! I agree, that is a very nice denim jacket! The one I got recently is from H&M too, and I love it!


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