Thursday, December 30, 2010

NARS Cosmetics: Duo Concealer

Got this Concealer Duo by NARS Cosmetics in the mail today.
I ordered this and three other products by NARS. I have never tried that brand before so i really wanted to order a few products to start with and just try them out.

Duo Concealer:

I think this is the lightest concealer duo that they have. My skin is very fair so it isn't always easy to find the right shade for my skin tone, without it looking too dark.

Vanilla / Honey.

What is you're favorite concealer? :)

xoxo Christine

NYX Cosmetics: Concealer & Glitter Eyeliners

Got these three products by NYX Cosmetics in the mail today.
I ordered them from ebay a week ago. I love doing my shopping on ebay, i always use ebay because i can find almost everything there.

Concealer In A Jar - Fair:

Im very excited about this concealer by NYX, i have never tried it before.
I have ordered a few concealers by different brands, i love trying out new products and i haven't really found my favorite yet.

Glitter Eyeliners In Lavender & French Champagne:

I have never tried the glitter eyeliners by NYX, thats why i bought these two so i could try them out. Beautiful colors :)


Pretty, right? :)

I will be posting reviews on these products as soon as i have tried them out.
Please let me know if you want a review on a product that i have posted before :)

Have you tried the glitter eyeliners from NYX Cosmetics? :)

Xoxo Christine

H&M Sping Season 2011 Catalog

I got the H&M Spring Season 2011 catalog in the mail yesterday. So many beautiful clothes for spring and summer time. I just ordered some clothes from their website, i hope they will get here soon, so i can start using them :)

They have a really good deal going on, on their website. You get this dress for $8, but its only one dress per person. You can choose between blue, light pink, black and beige. I picked the blue one because i really liked how it looked on the model. Hopefully it will be the same blue color as in the picture.

Have you recieved H&M' Sping Season 2011 Catalog?

Have you bought anything from H&M lately? :)

Xoxo Christine

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Viva La Juicy Perfume

I really want to buy this perfume by Juicy Couture.
The problem is that its not available in the perfume stores here, and im not a big fan of buying perfumes online without smelling them first.
I have been looking after samles on ebay, and im considering buying a sample just to try it out. Then if i dont like it, its not a big deal since its just a samle.

Have you tried this perfume before?

If yes, do you like it? :)

xoxo Christine

H&M Gift Cards

I got three gift cards from H&M for Christmas. H&M is one of my favorite stores, so im super excited to do some shopping. Yesterday i got the H&M Catalog in the mail, so many beautiful clothes for spring and summer. Im going to order clothes from the catalog tomorrow fun, fun, fun :)

Do you prefer to do your shopping in the stores or online? :)

Xoxo Christine

NARS Cosmetics: Blonde Venus

This is my first product from NARS Cosmetics, i have never tried their makeup before.
I have heard so many positive things about this brand, but i just never thought of buying anything until now. I have ordered four products and im so excited to try them out. This lipstick came in the mail today :)

This lipstick is called Blonde Venus, i really like how this color look. Its very natural and perfect to use with your everyday makeup.


Which lipstick by NARS Cosmetics is you're favorite?

Let me know in the comment section, i need advice on which one im going to buy next :)

Xoxo Christine

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sigma Makeup: Make Me Up Collection

Sigma Makeup has just released a brand new collection called Make Me Up.
This collection contains of their best seller professional 12 brushes kit. The sets come in four beautiful colors and also a durable and multifunctional container. It protects the brushes and it also transforms into two stylish brush holders.

Make Me Classy - Black

Make Me Crazy - Purple

Make Me Blush - Coral

Make Me Cool - Aqua

I absolutely love Sigma's brushes, the quality is amazing.
I promised myself that i wouldn't buy anything for a while, but it looks like i have to break that promise haha. I really want the Make Me Cool Set, its so cute :)

Prize: $99

Check out Sigma's Website, you can buy this collection HERE

What do you think about Sigma's new collection?

Which brush kit is your favorite? :)

Xoxo Christine

Review: Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion

I ordered this mascara from ebay about a month ago. I really needed a new mascara, since my YSL dried out. My YSL mascara only lasted about one and a half month before it dried out.
Not happy about that since it was a pretty expensive mascara.

I read a lot of good reviews on this mascara, thats why i decided to just buy it. It was really cheap, I paid $8 which i think is a very good deal. This mascara is really good, which surprised me because i have tried a few products by Covergirl Cosmetics and i didn't like them at all.

This is probably my favorite mascara in my collection. I use it everyday and i always take it with me. The brush is really good and thick, im really happy about how it makes my lashes look.

I recommend this mascara. I think its really good and i think you will like it too.

Have you tried this mascara before?
Whats your favorite mascara? :)

xoxo Christine

Jewelry: Supreme Necklace

Im in love with this necklace, its so cute and im a huge fan of Kandee Johnson.
She is so talented and i love her makeup videos on youtube.

Im so happy that i got my hands on a necklace, now i can wear one too :)

If you are interested in a Supreme necklace too, you can contact Pinky Loco at

Maybe they still have a few necklaces left :)

What do you think about the necklace? :)
xoxo Christine

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lux Addiction Giveaway Winner

I have finally picked a winner of my Lux Addiction Giveaway AND THE WINNER IS...... AMBER
Congrats sweetie, you get to pick your favorite one. I will email you with the details :)

Dont worry if you didn't win this time, i still have a few giveaways coming up :)

xoxo Christine

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nails Of The Day Featuring Moonlight Madness

I usually dont wear black nail polishes, but i really wanted to try this out with my Christmas Outfit. Must say that i really like this color, its very pretty.
I normally dont buy my nail polishes at H&M, i think they chip too fast.
But i have a few in my collection and i like them. They last a couple of days which is okay :)

I got my very first Chanel nail polish from my mom, its sooo pretty :)

Do you like to wear black nail polish?
Do you own a Chanel Nail Polish?

xoxo Christine

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Supreme Necklace

I finally got my Supreme Necklace that i ordered from Pinky Loco, its so cute.
If you know who Kandee Johnson is, you have probably seen her amazing Supreme necklace.
Im so happy that i ordered one, this is such a special necklace and its so cool :)

I absolutely love the packaging, its so cute and zebra prints are adorable :)

Such a beautiful necklace, i cant wait to start wearing this.
I will post more pictures of the necklace :)

What do you think about the necklace?
Have you ordered one too?
Are you a fan of Kandee? :)

xoxo Christine


Christmas Three

I cant believe that its almost Christmas Eve, im so excited guys, are you? :)
Im staying with my mom and dad for Christmas, my brother will also be celebrating christmas with us this year, its going to be so much fun. :)

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Christmas Three. I just finished putting all the gifts under the three, going to post pictures tomorrow. Really want to open them now haha :)

What is on your wishlist for Christmas this year? :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Shoes

Here are the new shoes that i ordered from Ebay, i got them in the mail yesterday.
Im very happy about these shoes, i cant wait to start using these :)

I really have to start packing now. My mom is picking me up in two hours and i have lots of stuff that i have to take with me. Im also taking my computer with me, hopefully their internet works this time. :)

What are you guys doing today?
What do you think about my new shoes? :)

Two Beautiful Christmas Nail Polishes

Here are two nail polishes by Elf Cosmetics that i think is perfect for Christmas.
Just look at these two beautiful colors, they scream Christmas :)

I haven't decided on a outfit yet, i will probably end up packing a few outfits just in case i change my mind haha. Im taking these two nail polishes with me, and a black one :)

Red Velvet & Glitter Glam

Have you found your Christmas outfit?

What do you think about these nail polishes? :)

Xoxo Christine

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Elf Cosmetics: Brushes

I have never ordered brushes from Elf Cosmetics before, so i decided that i would buy these two and give them a try.
I have heard a lot of good things about these two brushes. Im very excited to try them out and i will post reviews on these later :)

Eye crease brush and eyeshadow brush.

Im so sorry that i haven't been posting much these couple of days.
Been so busy with finishing my christmas gift shopping. Have been wrapping christmas gifts and now im finally done, woohoo haha :)

Have you tried any brushes from Elf Cosmetics?

Are you finished with your christmas gift shopping? :)

Xoxo Christine

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nail Polish Rack

I have ordered this cute nail polish rack to organize my China Glaze nail polishes.
I really need something to store my nail polishes in and this rack is perfect.
This rack holds 20 China Glaze or OPI nail polishes bottles.

If you are interested in buying one too, you can do it HERE

How do you store your nail polishes? :)
Xoxo Christine

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Jacket

Jacket From Vero Moda:

My mom bought me this jacket.
Its thick, warm and i love it. Its so cold outside, cant wait to wear this tomorrow.

Black Cardigan From H&M:

I really needed a regular black cardigan. Happy i found one that i liked, they had a few to choose from.

Ring From H&M:

I have been eying this ring for a while now and i decided to just buy it.
Think its so cute, reminds me of Hello Kitty which im obsessed with haha :)

I have also done a little online shopping. Bought some NARS Cosmetics
products and a few other goodies. Never tried NARS before, so im super
excited :)

What do you think about my new jacket?
Do you like NARS Cosmetics? :)

xoxo Christine

Christmas Shopping, Almost done

Just got back home from the city after a little christmas shopping.
I only have a few gifts left, cant wait until im all done with my
christmas shopping. Its crazy in the city now, ugh..

I bought a sweather and a ring for myself and my mom bought me a new jacket. Going to post pictures later :)

What have you been doing today?
Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? :)

xoxo Christine


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lauren Conrad Style

I have finally ordered this book called Style by Lauren Conrad.
It has been on my wishlist for such a long time, and now its finally going to be mine.
Hope it arrives in the mail soon :)

I love Lauren's style, she is a big inspiration :)

Do you have this book?
What do you think about Lauren's Style? :)

Sigma Makeup Mini Haul

A while ago, Sigma Makeup had free worldwide shipping on their website and i ended up ordering a few goodies of course haha! I love that Sigma had free worldwide shipping, not a lot of websites that have deals like that.

So these are the two things i ended up buying. :)

Makeup Bag:

This bag is HUGE. I can put my computer in this makeup bag and still have room for more stuff, thats amazing. They have this makeup bag in purple, black and blue, but i really wanted the blue one. I think its so pretty.

Im actually considering buying the purple or the black one to store my computer in ;)

Cleopatra Mirror:

I finally ordered my favorite mirror on their website.
This is so pretty, look how gorgeous it is. Im definitely keeping this in my purse. I also have a black mirror that came in one of their collections with a makeup bag and kabuki brush, love it too :)

Free Brush:

When you order from Sigma, you always get this cute traveling blending brush.
I love this brush, its my favorite brush from Sigma. This is so perfect and small and you can take it with you everywhere :)

Check out Sigma Makeup's website HERE

What do you think about my little haul?

Have you ordered from Sigma before? :)
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