Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Perfume: Beyonce Heat Rush

Heat & Heat Rush

My mom and I went shopping together today and i found some really cute things that i want to show you guys. Im going to start of by showing you this perfume that i picked up.
Its by Beyonce and its called Heat Rush. Its her second perfume and i just have to say that i absolutely love how good it smells. I cant make up my mind if i like this better than Heat (the red one) which is her first one. Im loving both of her perfumes so much. I love collecting perfumes, cant seem to get enough of them☺.I have been thinking about doing a perfume collection post because i think that might be fun and Im also going to be doing a summer fragrance post soon, so stay tuned for that☺

Which perfume by Beyonce is your favorite?☺
Love Christine


  1. Haven't tried it yet, but I will! :)
    Can't wait your perfume collection post, I love collection perfumes as well. :) I have many!! ♥


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