Friday, September 19, 2014


I have been seeing a lot of bloggers share their MAC Cosmetics lipstick collections, so I thought that I would show you my own little collection today. So without any further ado, let's take a look at my collection! :-) 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Collection.

I'm a huge fan of MAC Cosmetics and there is no denying that I love their lipsticks. I have accumulated quite a few lipsticks from them over the past few years. Some were purchased by myself, while other were gifted to me by family members and friends.

I'm very happy with my collection so far, but there are a couple of shades here that I don't really care for. Snob, Viva Glam Gaga and Saint Germain are three shades that I'm not the biggest fan of. I just don't like how they look on my lips, feel like they are way too light for me too. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought them to be completely honest with you! :-)

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Innocence Beware, Creme Cup, Angel, Fabby & Taupe. 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Innocence Beware (Cremesheen). 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Creme Cup (Cremesheen), HERE

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Angel (Frost), HERE

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Fabby (Frost), HERE

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Taupe (Matte), HERE

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Politely Pink & Dream. 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Politely Pink (Lustre), HERE

♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Dream (Glaze).

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Snob, Viva Glam Gaga, Saint Germain & Chatter Box. 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Snob (Satin), HERE

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga (Lustre). 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Saint Germain (Amplified), HERE

♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Chatter Box (Amplified), HERE

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Play Time & Diva. 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Play Time (Cremesheen). 

 ♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Diva (Matte), HERE

♥ MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Fabby, Taupe, Play Time & Diva. 

The lipsticks that have made it into my favorites and most loved lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics are Diva, Taupe, Play Time and Fabby. They are all wonderful and I think that they suit most skin tones too. There are many lipsticks from MAC that I want to try out. Rebel is definitely next on my wishlist, it looks like the perfect lipstick for Autumn. What do you think? Have you added Rebel to your lipstick collection yet? :-)

What are your thoughts about the lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics? Are you a fan? What shades are you currently lusting over? What type of collection post do you want to see next? :-) Love, Christine♥


  1. Taupe and Diva are also favourites of mine! :)

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. YAY, happy to hear that you love them too :-) x

  2. Wow what a gorgeous collection! I've wanted Creme Cup for the longest amount of time. Pretty jealous of your collection! x
    Ellie |

  3. Nice collection! Playtime is my favorite out of the whole collection!

  4. What an amazing collection, you have so many gorgeous shades!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. Stunning collection!

  6. Nice collection! I would recommend plumful -my current favorite!

    Jess xx |

    1. Thank you! :-) Plumful looks beautiful, might have to pick it up and try it out :-) x

  7. Nice collection!I also did a mac lippie post today :0)

    1. Thank you so much :-) Oooh, going to check it out now, thanks for telling me. Love MAC lippie posts :-)

  8. Veldig fint med swatch på leppene! Mye lettere å forestille seg fargen på den måten. Det må jo ha tatt en liten evighet. :)

    1. Tusen takk <3 Ja, det tok en liten stund hihi :-)

  9. You have so many! I only have three, and they are all in the Rihanna collection. I just had to have them, and I love'em. Need to get me some more Mac lippies!

  10. Great collex hun I love Mac lipsticks. ❤️❤️❤️


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