Tuesday, October 5, 2010

VS: Who Wore It Best

Sarah Jessica Parker VS Gwyneth Paltrow

Sarah Jessica Parker styled her outfit with a graphic white t-shirt , black fedora, dark sunglasses, silk printed scarf and peep-toe clogs.
Gwyneth went another route, dressing her outfit with pointy-toed pumps, an ivory cami and a
Stella McCartney blazer.

I really like how the pants look on Sarah. I think her outfit looks better than Gwyneth's.
Have always loved SJP's style. The only thing i like about Gwyneth's outfit is the pants. I think the shoes are too pointy for this outfit.

Who is your favorite?
Sarah or Gwyneth? :)



  1. I LOVE sarah more :) more simple. and with fedora hat awesome :)

  2. huge fan of SJP so I would definitely go for her:X

    xoxo sere

  3. I'd go for SJP's outfit anyday! I don't like Gwyneth's jacket on her. SJP's outfit is awesme from head-to-toe!

  4. I like Sarah's better because its more casual, but I would leave the bag at home... sorry guys :)


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