Friday, October 15, 2010

Elf Cosmetics Haul: Tools

Hey Cupcakes :)

Today im going to be posting alot of the elf products that i showed you guys yesterday. If you didn't see the post you can read about it here
In this post i will show you the tools that i got. Please let me know if there is anything :)

Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths:

I really dont like these cleansing cloths. They smell weird and they feel sticky on the
skin. I only use these when i do swatches on my hand.
I will not be buying these again.

Mechanical Eyelash Curler:

I haven't bought an eyelash curler since forever haha.
Wanted to try this one out because i really like how it looks.
Maybe i will do a little review on it, compare it to my old one :)

Eyebrow Stencil Kit:

I have always wanted to be able to do my own eyebrows.
This kit will make that easier. In this little kit you get 4 stencils, which are
a soft arch, structured arch, curved arch and a full arch.
Cant wait to try this out. :)

Natural Lash Kit:

Im so excited about these false eyelashes. I have never put on false eyelashes before
so this is going to be interesting haha.
I think its such a pretty look, so i need to try this out.

im not sure about the glue that comes with these.
Have you tried elf's false lashes before? How is the glue?

Have you tried any off these tools before? :)



  1. Those lashes look really cool! Good luck trying them out I would offer you fake eyelash advice but I always have to get my sister to do it for me :P

    Really like your blog :) following you now xx

  2. Hey great haul!!! I really want to buy the Lash kit...Thanks for sharing.

  3. never tried the wipes. i use their eyelash curler everytime i do my makeup. love it! the everyday lashes are hard for me to work with b/c of that strip. i prefer the drama ones. they look more natural to me & are much easier for me to work with. i haven't tried their brow kit. sweet haul! thanks so much for sharing Christine. :O) Love your blog girl!

  4. Heija:) Æ kjøpte di falske vippene. Det du må huske på e å legge dem nederst med øyevipperoten^^
    det bli bra:)Bare å prøve seg fram ;)

  5. hey sweetie great buys..would love to see ur EOTD with those eyelashes..never put lashes b4 too scared to stick my eyes 2gether with glue hehe!! I have a similar stencil thingy I bought off ebay.

  6. i really love elf lashes! there really natural but glamorous at the same time :)

  7. thanks for recommending some products i'll look into that :) right now i feel so hopeless hahah. wahh.
    since i have asian eyes i ALWAYS have to cut off the edges on my lashes. especially the elf ones cause they seem to be extra long for some reason lol. so you should measure them just to make sure they fit :) don't put too much glue but more on the ends and wait for 30 seconds for it to get tacky. wahts easier for me is to hold the lashes in the middle and start from pressing down in the middle then working the ends... omg i dont think that made sense hahaha.

  8. i wet a qtip and wet where it's attached then it peels off gently :) and after i use the other end of the qtip and wet the left over glue that's still on the band and it comes off so easily :) this way makes your eyelashes last longer!

  9. elf has brow stencils too? no way! i think im about to stock up on elf products lol cant wait to see reviews. im really interested in those stencils cuz i suck at filling in my brows lol

  10. I never tried anything from Elf, but i am always thought about ordering something cause they have really amazing prices. :) Thanks for sharing with us your haul! :) xx Hugs <3

  11. Hey Christine!
    Only tips I can offer are...
    1. take your time
    2. practice, practice, practice
    3. don't use the glue that came w/the lashes plz!
    only duo or lashgrip brands work for me.
    4. also, i was trying to glue the lashes to my lid instead of to my actual lashes LOL
    5. it is helpful to use mascara 1st so the glue is not going directly on your bare lashes.
    6. the elf ones are great for practicing. but when you master it or @ least get more confident, i think you should try the kind that are fuller on the edges. (like ardell demi wispies) your beautiful doe eyes are full & are also close set. the outer edge fullness will really compliment your eyeshape & prevent your eyes from looking crossed which could happen if they're too full near the inside (tearduct area)

  12. thanks for the review I've always wanted to try those wipes =)

    great haul !!


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