Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: Nail Polish Remover From H&M

This nail polish remover from H&M is my favorite one to remove my nail polish with.
They have a pink and a blue bottle, i picked the pink one because it has vitamin E and because its pink of course!

The thing that i really LOVE about this one is that this smells so good.
At first when you apply it to a cotton piece it smells a little strong like every nail polish remover does. But in only a few seconds, the smell changes. The smell reminds me of a type of candy, its amazing and my nails smell like that all day. It does a really good job removing the nail polish as well.

All the nail polish removers that i have tried have such a strong smell that it gives me a headache, im so happy that i have found this product since im a big fan of nail polishes.

Would i buy this product again?
Yeah absolutely! Im sticking to this one for sure.

Would i recommend this product?
Yeah of course i would. If you are looking for a new nail polish remover, you should check this out next time you are in your local H&M store. This is a must if you like to use alot of nail polishes. You are going to love the smell too.

Do you have a favorite nail polish remover?


  1. Not really, use all kind of nail polish removers as long as they are good! ;-)

  2. hey sweetie,great review will check it out next time Im in H&m. ANYHOO will share my jewellery collection sometime this coming week as u requested,more than happy2do so4u hehe. Anyhoo catcha soon,enjoy ur wknd,tk cre..much love..xoxo

  3. I should try this one here next! Thanks for the review!

  4. Looooooove it:))))))))


  5. a nice smelling nail polish remover??? WEIRD! I want xx

    Over $400 worth of pizes xx


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