Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haul Time: Elf Cosmetics

Hey Cupcakes :)

I have a huge elf cosmetics haul coming up. I kinda went crazy on their website when they had free shipping haha,have 40 products that i want to show you guys.

Im going to post the products in different posts, the eyeshadows in one post, blushes in one post etc. And off course im posting swatches so you get to see how they look on the skin.
Im doing alot of small posts, because i dont want this post to be too long and you get to see the products more.

I have started taking pictures, first post will be up later tonight :)

PS: I will be having a NYX Giveaway when i reach 180 followers.
Please tell your friends and lets get this giveaway started :)



  1. OMG how many you have in there??:X:X

    xoxo sere

  2. lol I did the same thing girl! That was awesome! :)

  3. Whoa! Lol. Can't wait to see these posts. =)

  4. OMG!!! That's awesome. I love elf cosmetics!!

    XOXO, CC

  5. Hehe^^ I will post my things from ELF when I got them too. I went like crazy when they had free shipping:)
    Looking 4ward 2 see all the stuff u bougt:)

    xo Helene

  6. u gone Elf crazy sweetie,seems like u got a lot of nice goodies,cant wait to see all of e products u purchased..Anyhoo blogger been kinda playing up on me at times whn I want to post a comment on ur blog past few days,but I jus wanna say love e EOTD u did yesterday..Pretty!!!tk cre

  7. ohh you picked alotta stuff!!!!

    Enjoy trying!!!

  8. OMG girl,,, I think I just died,,, so much make up... Is elf make up as cheap as it is in Sweden? Oh I wanna get the brush holder, I think Im going to get when I get back to Sweden =) And yeah good luck on your Giveaway =) and also thank you so much for your comments and for being there =)


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