Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Helena Rubinstein Mascara

This is the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara. I bought this mascara a couple of weeks ago, because i thought it was so cute. Its nothing special about this mascara.
One of the reasons why i bought this product, was because of the packaging.
I really love things with leopard prints, i think its such a cute look.

They had two types of this mascara in the store. I picked this because the lady in the store said that this give your lashes more volume.
It didn't give my lashes much volume, and i dont think its worth $50.
Thats more than my YSL Mascara, which is ten times better.

This mascara is okay to use. The thing that i dont like at all about this product, is that its very wet. I had to be very careful to not apply to much at once, because then i would get black spots around my eye area.

I like the brush, it makes it more easier to apply the mascara.

Would i buy this product again?
No i would not buy this mascara again.

Would i recommend it to you?
If you like cute packaging, this is a perfect product. I think its very cute, and it was the reason why i got this. You should look for it next time your in your favorite beauty store. Maybe you will like this product.

Which mascara is your favorite at the moment? :)


  1. heheh I would totally get this just because of the leopard print... so chic =)

  2. oh its a shame that it wasnt that good,, that tends to happen though, like the packaging fools you hehe... that has happen to me so many times =(

  3. I have this mascara, a friend gave it to me as a gift! And I don't really like it either, other than the packaging. First I was absolutely sad that it is tested on animals and second it did not give much volume to my lashes either. just made them longer and clumped together.

  4. Well, the packing is really cute :) My favourite is Shockvolume (or something like that :) ) from Avon


  5. i love the print/design of the packaging, but the content is much more important to me so thanks for sharing this very good review Christine. you're such a big help. xoxo

  6. Packaging is really cute but I think i would always go for the quality and effect. My favorite at the moment is a mascara from Stage Cosmetics. It's me a false lashes effect.


  7. true ... i told u i didnt like it when u got it ,, my friend had it and i tried it in the store ,, wasnt wow at all =/ ,,
    thx for the review hun ,, xx

  8. thanx for review sweetie would only buy it for e leopard print packaging

  9. Thank you for your honest review =)


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