Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jewelry: Bracelets

When i was cleaning out my "old room", i found these bracelets that i bought a while ago.
I have been living in a total mess haha, but now im going to organize everything so i know where everything is.

I found these bracelets in a store called Nille here in Norway. They have alot of cute things in that store. They had alot of colors to choose from, but i decided to get the purple and the blue one. The blue one is my favorite, its such a pretty color.

I love jewerly, I paid $5 for each of these.

Im looking for a good way to store my rings and bracelets and i need some tips.
How do you store your rings, bracelets and jewerly? :)


  1. Oh very pretty! I store mine in a box but they always end up out of the box and end up all over the house, haha.

  2. They are really pretty and I like how they go together.

    Nice blog. I will follow it!

  3. $5 what a steal! I use a jewelery chest similar to what TiffanyD has (from YouTube). It's great if you have a load of jewelery like me.

    If not i really like the look of the pin boards you can pick up from craft stores all decked out with ribbons and pins.

    Over $400 worth of pizes xx


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