Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saturday Shopping Haul

Hey Cupcakes :)
On saturday I went shopping with my boyfriend and his sister, and i found some great things that i want to share with you. Hope you like my post, and please leave me a comment if you have any requests :)

H&M Sweather:
This navy blue color is one of my favorite colors, its such a pretty color and it looks
good with almost everything.

H&M Jacket:
I have been wanting this jacket for a very long time now, and i just had to buy it.
Love the details, really cute.

H&M Dress:
This is also a piece that i have been wanting for a very long time now.
I finally found this dress in my size, cant wait to wear this with a belt and the
jacket above.

H&M Tights:
I love tights and this one is in a navy blue color.
I have been wearing alot of tights lately, they are so confortable.

Morris Handbag:
When i saw this handbag i just knew i had to have it. I love everything with
leopard prints, i think its so adorable and its so soft.

Chanel Palette:
This is my first palette from Chanel. I have always wanted to try their makeup.
I paid $76 for this palette, its a little expensive but i think its worth the money and the quality is really good.

Helena Rubinstein Mascara:
This is just the cutest mascara i have ever seen. So pretty with leopard print on it.
I also got a glittery black eyeliner with it, cant wait to try that one out.

Here is everything that i bought on saturday.
Im very happy about everything i got, and i cant wait to try out that mascara and eyeliner.
I can do a review on the products if you want to :)

What do you think about my little haul?
Have you been shopping lately? :)



  1. I love that leopard print bag!!


  2. lovely bag&pretty Chanel palette anyhoo evrythn u got is nice...sweetie

  3. Whoa, $76 dollars?? Lol. Swatches! :D

  4. great clothes and makeup!
    the mascara is so pretty!

  5. WOW awesome buys! :) Please do a review on that mascara!!!

  6. I've got almost the same handbag from Marks&Spencer! :) Love it!
    Your new H&M dress looks so pretty! :)

  7. Love the things that you have bought:)love the handbag and the mascara where did you buy the mascara?so nice:)http://siljebloggno.blogg.no/?c=1256993506

  8. I LOVE that Military-esque jacket, its sooo cute! Great haul sweetie!!!

    XOXO, CC


  9. Well was there anything you bought I did not like? NO! :) I love navy blue, I think the sweater and tights are awesome, but that Chanel palette sure is expensive! woah
    I would buy that mascara just to look at it, it's so cute!!


  10. I really love the chanel palette! :) I wish i could afford it too but here in finland is everything so expensive.. Btw. i also saw this dress from h&m here but it´s too long for me.. How sad, cause it looks so pretty! :) xx

  11. Hi sweety, thanks for your comment! The pink lipstick is from rimmel - it´s from the "colour show off" line and the color is "Shake-Up Pink" You have to look at your local drugstore for them, they should have them. Otherwise check out ebay.co.uk - you can get these lipsticks there at well , just search for Rimmel Colour Show Off.


  12. Love the HR mascara and the shadows, I have that too

  13. i love HnM
    and i want a CHANEL pallet just for the sake of
    ( when i finish eating at the restaurant i take it out of my purse and fix my lipstick ) !! lol superficial i know

    i tried that mascara ,, nothing special about it ,, just the brand name and the packaging =D ,, but hope u love it ..

  14. Love the leopard bag!!!! How much did it cost? Where did you buy it? If you don't mind me asking! I love everything you bought! And that first navy blue sweater is gorgeous!

  15. @anonymous Hey and thank you so much for your comment. :)
    I had to answer on my blog, since you didn't add a link, hope thats okay. :)

    I bought the leopard bag at a store called Morris, i paid $51 for it :)


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