Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bobbi Brown Book & New Palette

Today i got a package in the mail from my friend Silje.
Here is what she sent me :)

Bobbi Brown Book - Living Beauty

In this book you get alot off tips on skincare, makeup, nutrition, fitness and style.
I cant wait to start reading this, it will be so helpful.

Silje also sent me this palette. Look at all those pretty colors, so cute :)

Thank you so much for this gift Silje, you are so sweet and so kind.
Love you sweetie :)



  1. I want that book!


  2. looks like an interesting book,cant wait to hear all about it sweetie&thus a lovely palette too

  3. Hey the book looks interesting!!! Lovely palette...Would you mind posting the swatches???

  4. i just bought the bobbi brown "the makeup manual" and i love it :)))
    lots of great advice abotu skincare, lifestyle, tools but most important all kinds of great advice on makeup, looks, trends and how to get started in the makeup business :))

    i'd like to have this one as well in my collection :))


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