Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tutorial: How To Create Your Own Tinted Lip Balm

Hey Sweeties :)
I have a really fun Tutorial for you guys tonight! You probably know how much I love lip balms? Its one off my must have beauty products and I always need to have one with me in my purse at all times.

I have been really into tinted lip balms lately. I love how they give your lips a beautiful tint off color and they feel so moisturizing. When I'm feeling lazy and I don't want to wear any makeup, I love to add a little bit off tinted lip balm just to give my face some color and it makes me feel more fresher too which is nice. If you want to learn how you can create your very own tinted lip balm, just keep reading :)
Products you will need for this Tutorial:
♥ Lipstick off your choice, I used my Playboy lipstick in Gossip.
♥ Vaseline or a Chapstick.
♥ Plastic bowl and a spoon for mixing the ingredients.
♥ Empty jar.

1. Take some Vaseline on a spoon and hold it over a candle and wait until it has melted completely. Remember to only add a little amount off Vaseline to start with, because the amount off product is going to double when it melts. You can always go back and add more if you need it :)

 2. When the Vaseline has completely melted, pour it into a plastic bowl. Remember to be careful not to touch the spoon or the Vaseline because its very hot and I don't want you guys to burn yourself.

 3. Now its time to add some color to our tinted lip balm. Cut a piece of the lipstick you are using and add it into the melted Vaseline. You can also melt it like you did with the Vaseline, that's completely up to you. This is the part where you can get very creative with your product. You can mix different lipsticks and create fun and unique colors or you can just add one color like I have done here :)

 4. When you are finished with the color and you are happy with how it looks, pour the product into a little jar and leave it in your fridge for 5-10 minutes .

 5. Now you are finished! You now have your very own tinted lip balm. Wasn't that super quick and easy to do? :)

Here is how my tinted lip balm looks like. I really like it, its a very pretty neutral color that is perfect for everyday. I will definitely keep this baby in my purse. What do you think I should name it? :)

Have you tried making your own tinted lip balm before? Will you be trying this out? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. What a great idea! I'm not much of a lipstick girl, so maybe I should turn some into lip balm. Thanks for sharing ^^
    I think you should name it 'Velours Rosé', which is French for Velvet Pink, everything sounds so chic in French, no? *tehehe

  2. I am soooo going to do this! I feel like other tinted balms do nothing for me. But since you mix it with vasline it's perfect because I feel like that's the only thing that saves my lips!

  3. Hmmm... Bunny pink? Because of the Playboy bunny?

  4. This is an awesome tutorial! Thank you! As soon as I read it I had to make my own :O)

  5. I've tried this before by using Vaseline and a lip color from Revlon. This is actually great for people with dry lips like me! :)


  6. Great tutorial/tip. The end result is beautiful!

  7. I LOVE this tutorial! I'm saving it ASAP so I can do this to lipsticks I don't wear anymore. TY! :)

  8. Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing! :D
    I think the perfect name for your created shade is 'sheer rosewood'! ;)

  9. wow ya.. looks gr8 n easy

  10. Dette var jo et helt supert tips :D

  11. Christine daaaaaa.... Vaselin gir jo ikke ordentlig fuktighet! I alle fall ikke til ørkenleppene mine, er du kanskje heldigere...? :p

    Liker virkelig idéen din da, lurer på om jeg må gjøre det samme, men med en (for meg) ordentlig god leppepomade i stedet ;-)

  12. @Tone Hihi, jeg er nok en av dem som er litt heldigere der ^_^ Du kan bruke en vanlig lip balm vist du synes det er bedre. Jeg synes denne metoden fungerer kjempe bra :)

  13. @BUTTERFLY Thank you ^_^ Its very easy and don't take much time at all

  14. @Constanze Thank you so much ^_^ Thats a great name idea, thank you.

  15. @Jenna Froggy Awww, thank you so much!!!!! I'm so happy you like it ^_^

  16. @Tânia Thats a really cute name idea :)

  17. @Beauty on a College budget You should definitely give it a try. Its really fun and easy to do :)

  18. @hananoire Thats a great name idea, everything sounds much better in French, haha ^_^

    Yeah, I think you should give this a try :)

  19. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin, follow me back? xx

  20. I love this! Definitely going to give it a go!x


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