Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NYX Cosmetics: The Caribbean Collection

Today i got this NYX palette in the mail, its from their Caribbean Collection.
I love the palettes that they have in this collection, i think they are really pretty and they have alot of colors to choose from.

I bought this at Ebay. This is number 08 in the collection.
The bad thing is that the darkest purple color was completely broken.
Its almost nothing left. Thats why i hate shopping palettes online, you never know if they are whole when you get them.
I am so happy that it was only one color that was broken.

The reasons why i got this was because of the first, third and fourth color.
They are so pretty and i cant wait to try them out. I love NYX, think their makeup is very good and not that expensive.

Will be posting a look with this palette, tell me if there is any colors you want to see and if you want to see some swatches :)

Let me know if you have any requests or questions and dont forget to check out my NYX Cosmetics Giveaway :)

Have you tried out their Caribbean Collection?


  1. Wow the colors look lovely...Plz give the swatches Christine!!

  2. That green dress will fit you pERFECTLY! Ohh this colors are sooo gorgeous

  3. i love this collection ,, and i got one pallet <3
    loving the silver/taupe eyeshadows lately ..

  4. Beautiful palette. Too bad that one broke. But I hope you enjoy all the other colors. Have a question round on my blog right now. You can win a great goodie bag if you submit a good question. Hugs

  5. I just purchased the collection for green eyes for myself - Love it.

    Great blog!

  6. super pretty. have you tried any of their 12 eyeshadow palettes? really great pigmentation.

  7. The colours are so intense, worth every penny. :)


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