Friday, October 15, 2010

Elf Cosmetics Haul: Brush Holder & Cleaner

When a brand like elf, that is so affordable offers free shipping its almost impossible to avoid doing some shopping haha. I cant believe that i bought 40 products :O

Im so excited about doing these posts about the products that i bought. I will include swatches so you get to see the products more and see how they look on the skin. :)

And please let me know if there is anything. If you didn't see my last post with the products i will be posting, you can read about it here

Large Brush Holder:
Im so happy about this brush holder. You can store alot of your brushes in here.
I actually think i need to buy another one. Since they are black they fit in with everything
on my makeup table :)

I dont have alot of brushes yet, but im working on my collection. :)

Daily Brush Cleaner:
This is my first brush cleaner. I haven't used one before, just used water and soap.
This is actually a good product. It cleans your brushes well.

The only thing i really wish it did, was clean the brushes like the MAC brush cleaner does.
I have seen videos on youtube and the brushes looked brand new after they were cleaned.

I would love to buy the brush cleaner from MAC just to compare it with this one.

How do you store your brushes?
Have you tried their brush cleaner, what do you think? :)



  1. i had no idea elf had brush holders and they're so affordable. with a brand like them that offers frees shipping it really is hard to say no lol thanks for posting

  2. Ohhh i love the look of this brush holder!! I currently have one of those glitzy-glam ones with the beads... they get on my nerves!!

  3. I want to get their brush holder. I am currently have my brushes in these two ceramic cups that my sister made for me a while back from her ceramic class. My collection is getting bigger so I need a bigger container. You can't go wrong with his holder! I really want to try the brush cleaner but I heard it has a funky smell to it...did you like the smell of it?

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  5. LOVE love love that brush holder & the cleaner as well. No sense in spending an arm & a leg on things when it isn't necessary! LOVE elf! Thanks for sharing. :O)

  6. Wow, great brush holder:) I need it too:)

  7. Thank you so much for the compliment! <3

    That brush holder looks great! :D

    New follower here:D


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