Friday, October 8, 2010

Mark Girl Cosmetics - Skin Care

A while ago i bought some new skin care products from Mark. Girl Cosmetics.
I wanted to try something new since i haven't found the right skin care products for my skin yet.

Have tried these products for about a month now and i can say that it has changed my skin a little. I also feel more fresh in the morning. All these products smells like different fruits.

Here are all the products that i bought. What i really like about these is that they are very affordable. Think I paid around $40 for these products. Think that is a very good deal.

Calming Effect - Comforting Milk Cleanser
Smell: Banana / Oat

Calm & Composed - Super Soothing Moisturizer
Smell: Avocado/ Oat

Calm Yourself - Hydrating Mask
Smell: Lemon & Orange / Green Tea

Berry Grand - Super Exfoliating Beads
Smell: Cranberry / Pomegranate

What i really like about this exfoliater is that you can decide how many beads you want to use.
Have tried alot of exfoliators before and some had too much or too little beads in them. This is perfect since you can decide for yourself how much you want to use.

Yesterday i went shopping with my mom, and i went to a store called Parfymelle. I bought some products for my boyfriend, and the lady who worked there gave me some free skin care products. Going to show you later in a new post :)

Have you tried Mark. Girl Cosmetic's Skincare Before?



  1. I have actually never heard of it! But I will look up that avocado looks like it has a great consistency!
    thx for sharing


  2. I havent tried these dunno if they are available in e UK..great post sweetie

  3. Hey these products sound great!! Heard a lot about Mark Girl but never tried one.Great review!!

  4. Would love to send out samples!!! Contact me OR SHOP: THANKS Christine!!! LOVE The post :)

  5. i have the "go with the grain" exfoliator and i really like it! its awesome because you can add it to any face wash you want, yet it is gentle. :)


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