Saturday, October 30, 2010

Angel Wing Earrings

Hey Cupcakes :)

Have you seen the cute frames that F21 has on their website? It's so cute and its pink. It will look awesome in my room since alot is pink in there haha :P

Anyways, today i got some cute things in the mail.
A package from F21 (with the pink frame), Makeup products (including the MAC Giveaway Products) and these adorable earrings.

I love these angel wing earrings, aren't they the cutest?
I got them at ebay, paid $6 which i think is a good deal.

Been looking for some angel wing earrings ever since i saw Peyton from One Tree Hill.
She had some gorgeous ones in one of the eppisodes. They were much bigger than mine but i like that mine are small. Im going to look for a bigger pair, ebay has everything you need :)

Whats your favorite place to shop online?


  1. those earrings are cute :) i need to stock up on my jewelry collection

  2. those earrings are soooo cute! i've been really into dangly earrings lately and i really want that! haha.

  3. those earrings are so cute! edgy but cute ^^

  4. Thanks christine! oh i love that earrings, i think i'll search for one too.

  5. I bought the shoes from the shop, i don't know if they have it online, i tried to search them by google but i can't find their website, sorry.

  6. I love those earrings on you!!!

  7. cute earrings hun,I wont be buying anymore jewellery for a long time,I dont even have enuff space for e ones I have already

  8. Wow, I have the almost exact same earrings but from Claire's! They are soooo pretty!

  9. I saw them today in the store! I should have bought them, they're adorable :)

  10. Those earings are awesome! Love it!

    Fallowing you, fallowing me ? <3
    Your blog so cute.

    Lots of love from France !

  11. I love the earrings, they remind me of something by Sydney Evan!

    Over $400 worth of pizes xx


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