Monday, October 4, 2010

Shopping Haul: Part 2

The reason why i have divided my shopping haul into two parts, is because it would be too much in one post. Lots of pictures and text, it can be very untidy for people to read.
I just think its better to do it like this :)

I bought this babies at The NewYorker. Love them, they are perfect boots for fall and they are warm and confortable to walk in.

This black pumps are from H&M. I bought a pair of black pumps from Forever 21 awhile ago, but they are too big. So i had to get a new pair. Black pumps are a must. The leopard print inside makes these pumps so cute :)

I just love this handbag, its amazing.
I also got this at The NewYorker, love that store haha :)

I have to say that i fell in love with this nail polish when i saw it.
The color is GORGEOUS. I haven't tried O.P.I before so i cant wait to try it out. Going to post pictures and show you. This color is called Blue My Mind :)

This palette from IsaDora is called Amethyst Crystal. Had to get it to try it out.
Dont have alot of IsaDora products. The pigment is okay :)

This is a bag for my computer. Loving the leopard print, super cute.
Leopard prints are one of my favorite details to add to an outfit :)

These are the things that i bought on friday. Im pretty happy about everything :)

Please keep requests coming :)

What do you think about part 1 and 2 off my shopping haul? :)



  1. i love love love the boots. i need to make a trip to you so we can shop together lol

  2. The nail polish looks lovely, can't wait to see it on your nails.

    The eyeshadow quad looks pretty too. Perhaps you could do an eye of the day with it! =)

  3. hey gorgeous,I love both part 1&2. u got great stuff part 2 I really love the boots and nail polish..lovely stuff me likey..thanx for sharing sweetie

  4. lovely haul! the gray boots are my fave! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love the shoes!! They don't have cute clothes nor shoes at the New Yorker in my town! :( I wonder why one store has such a different range of products in different countries..
    Successful haul, I guess? ;)


  6. i've noticed you have alot of hauls!! you do alot of shopping! haha. i love reading them though :) nice stuff you bought!


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