Saturday, October 16, 2010

Elf Cosmetics Haul: Cream Eyeliners

I ordered three cream eyeliners from elf's studio line in the colors plum purple, midnight and coffee. I think that black eyeliners is too dark for me, thats why i picked these three colors.

This is what it says on the back of the box:

* Creates smooth lines that are defined and precise

* Smudge-proof budge-proof, water-resistant coverage

* Achieve thin or bold lined eyes with ease

Cream Eyeliners:

Plum Purple, Coffee & Midnight

I really like the packaging on their studio line products.
Looks really good if you ask me. :)

When you buy a cream eyeliner, you also get a brush.
The white cream eyeliner is the only one that dont come with a brush.
I think these are really cute and they are perfect to take with
you if you are going traveling.


Plum Purple, Coffee & Midnight.

Plum Purple is such a pretty dark purple color, really like that one.
Midnight is a navy blue color, cant wait to try this one out.
Navy blue is one of my favorite colors :)

Have you tried any off these cream eyeliners?



  1. The studio line products do look good! Looks professional. It was cool they came with brushes!

  2. The purple looks nice but,I swear by Stila's smudge pots!


  3. I haven't tried these yet but I do want to get the Coffee and I think Bronze? and the black just cause you can never go wrong with a black one! Great Swatches!

  4. Ohh, the swatches look nice. I've been wanting to try some form of liquid or cream liners. Deffo post a photo when you've used them on your eyes! =)

  5. OHHH LOVE cream eyeliners! Amazing. Well I need to order LC's guide because I can't find it here in Lisbon

  6. I love the look of the plum one. What are these liners like in terms of their staying power.

  7. Hmm, the LinkWithin showed up right after I saved the code to my blog.

    Just make sure you click "Add a Gadget" in the design area, one of the bottom ones, then click on HTML/JavaScript, then put the code in. Hopefully you figure it out!

  8. LC's Guide it's TOTALLY a must have

  9. I actually have never tried an ELF product! What do you all recommend for a first timer?

    Be sure to enter the comp on my blog xx

  10. I havn't tried these creme liners in particular, but I have a plum and navy blue liner, too. I use mine as an eyeshadowbase! It makes the colors really stand out and prevents creasing!

  11. I adore Cliniques cream liner. I am wearing "really black" today. ♥


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