Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping Haul: H&M, Storage Boxes & New Perfume

It's time to post whats in my shopping bags, if you did not see my post about this, you can read about it here
Bought these things tree days ago when i went shopping with my mom.

H&M: Coat

I love this coat from H&M. Its so pretty and very warm, which is perfect now since its beginning to get so cold outside. I love the buttons on this coat, gorgeous details.

Im going to exchange this for a new one because one of the buttons is broken.
Going to do that today or tomorrow.

H&M: Cardigan

This cardigan is so cute, i love all the different colors. Cant wait to start using this and i also love that its super long :)

H&M: Sweather

This is a perfect black sweather. I bought a blue sweather a while ago, and i needed a black regular sweather to wear underneath since it itches a little. This is just perfect.

H&M: Scarf

This scarf is HUGE and i LOVE it, haha! Its so confortable and soft and i know its going to get used alot when the snow comes.

Storage Box From Skeidar:

Like i said in my preview post, im working on a makeup room/ walk in closet and i need some boxes to store my things in. This is perfect for that.
It comes with 7 boxes in different sizes, AMAZING and the print is just the cutest :)
Only paid $33, good deal for all 7 boxes.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia:

This is one of the best perfumes that i own. I sprayed a little on my hand before i went shopping and waited to see how it smelled on my skin. After two-three hours i smelled my arm and it was so amazing, so i just had to get back to the store and buy it.
If you haven't smelled this, do it next time your in your perfume store.
Maybe you will love it too :)

Biotherm Products:

This set consists of a cleanser, moisturizer and toning water. Have been using these Biotherm products for almost two months now. Really like them, my skin feels so soft now.
You want me to do a review on these?

H&M: Pearl Bracelets

I heart bracelets and these are adorable.
I love pearls, these are going to be perfect for my outfit today.
Posting my outfit picture later today :)

Let me know if you have any requests :)

Have you bought anything from H&M lately?
Whats your favorite perfume? :)


  1. Love the post:) Can u post a review about the Biotherm products:)

  2. Love the boxes. I'm a big fan/supporter of Biotherm's product. They do wonders. =)


  3. I really like the coat!! Very girly and nice! :D


  4. Hey love the bracelet and the coat...Gorgeous!!!
    Hey plz review the Biotherm Products...wanna know about them^_^

  5. Love all the things you bought, good stuff! :}

  6. oooh great haul ,,
    i saw that h&m colored cardigan ,, but its too heavy for me to wear here =/
    dont hsve that much of a cold ,, but its gorgeous

  7. good buys! love H&M, wish there was one here.

  8. Those boxes are very cute! I love the print! I absolutely have to check out the armani perfume...I'm obsessed with the commercial :D


  9. I have the same storage boxes i use to keep my nail polish and etc in !!

    Over $400 worth of pizes xx


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