Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Green H&M Dress: Its Finally Mine

Just got back home, been shopping with my mom this evening. Had a wonderful and fun time with her. Im so happy that my mom and I are close.
Love her so much, happy that she is my mom :)

New Dress From H&M:
Two weeks ago my mom ordered me this amazing and gorgeous green dress from H&M's website. They did not have it the right size in the store, so she ordered it for me. I love it and have been wanting this since i saw it come out. Think i will be wearing this dress for Christmas, the green color really gives me a Christmas Feeling :)

Shopping bags :)
I never get home empty handed when im in the city.
I got some clothes at H&M, skin products and a new perfume
(Acqua Di Gioia)
I also got some really cool storage boxes to store alot of my things in.

Let me know if you want to see a haul on the things that i got :)

My boyfriend bought me a really beautiful desk yesterday.
Really needed something to store my makeup in and everything else and
now i finally have one thanks to him.
So happy that i finally get to have all my things in one room.
My makeup, shoes, clothing racks, everything. Almost like a little
walk in closet.

Going to post before and after pictures. This is going to be so amazing when its
all finished. Now its just a mess haha :)

What have you been doing today? :)


  1. i want that dress but in gold! have you seen it? x

  2. I love the dress! The shade of green does remind me of Christmas a lot too! :)


  3. i dont have green dress xD
    green for xmas sooo cuteee!! ><
    your store box looks soo cute!

  4. omggggg... love love that dress... so pretty color

  5. A very pretty dress indeed. I'm so glad you have that kind of relationship with your Mum, I did too, she really was my best friend, I was a total Mummy's girl :) Mums need to be appreciated and loved because nobody else will ever love you quite like they do.

  6. Hey Christine! Ohh that green dress looks lovely, I don't think I have the coloring to pull off green well but when it works, it looks fantastic! Looks like you had a wonderful time spending time time with your mom^^
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :) <3

  7. what a lovely dress sweetie,I cant wait till u show this one off. H&M has very nice thngs I bought couple of summer dresses from them Anyhoo cant wait to see ur closet&Please do share what u hauled lol

  8. hey thanks for commenting! ur dress is SO PRETTY! i like ur blog :) gna follow u :)

  9. ELsker dem kjolen der, men fungerte dårlig med stor gravidmage.. :(

  10. I want to know whats in your shopping bags!!:D


  11. that color is gooorgeous you have to take a picture wearing it :)

  12. I just got that H&M dress too! I love the off the shoulder grecian style. Can't wait to wear it over the holidays, it's the perfect green!

    Great blog, I am now following!


  13. gorgeous green dress <3
    am like u ,, cant leave a mall empty handed =/ ,, never .

  14. Love the color:) It`s an amazing dress:)

  15. Hy. I'm from croatia, and we don't have h&m or we can order it, i was wondw+ering, how much did you pay it? MAil me back on renperic1103@gmail.com. thnx. It is gorgeous.


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