Sunday, October 3, 2010

YSL Mascara: Before & After

Hey Cupcakes :)
Today i tried out The Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara by YSL.
I took some before and after pictures so you can see how it looks on.

This mascara actually smells good. Didn't think it would, my other mascara's dont smell good at all haha. :)



I really like how it looks on and im looking forward to use this everyday.
Will write a review about it too. :)

Please keep your request coming :)

What do you think about the after picture?



  1. looks amazing. I have to try it.xx

  2. im so jealous of your bottom lashes!! there soo thick. mine are itty bitty and i have like 5 hairs hahaha. that mascara looks like it does wonders. how much did you buy it for? i really want it.

  3. its okay i cant buy anything online LOL. i'll go to my department store where they sell ysl. i seriously love that mascara!!

  4. Wow love this mascara...Hope it's available in India!! Thanx for sharing and love your lashes.

  5. Hey gorgeous..that mascara is amazing I like the way it makes ur eyes pop..was waiting all day to see this post hehe..I may have to buy this as my xmas or b'day gift sweetie

  6. hey sweetie saw ur message and yes please send me e link..thanx a lot appreciate it.

  7. I'm a huge fan of this mascara. It's probably the best mascara I've ever used and I've been through a lot of mascaras in my time.

    Looks great on you, lady! xx

  8. looks great! love it and looking forward to the review

  9. Great stuff!! I posted a review on Mac's new line and our top 5 concealers! For some reason our posts are not showing up on the Updater thing on dashboard!!!!!!!!!! It's really irritating! Anyway check my posts out! Take care hun!

  10. thanks for the link !! it makes your eyelashes poppp! esp your lower lashes.. =D

  11. i have been wanting to try this mascara for quite some time, but the price really pushes me away. I wouldn't use it for everyday, I'd rather use drugstore, and for the weekends I always use falsies, so wouldn't overload my lashes with mascara. But this is an awesome review. It looks awesome on you. Plus, your eye colour is gorgeous :)



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