Friday, October 22, 2010

Elf Cosmetics: Beauty Encyclopedia

These beauty books are so cute, im so happy that i decided to order them.
You can choose between three eyeshadow books, everyday, basic and sparkle edition.
I decided to get the Basic and Sparkle Edition since i already have alot of the colors that are in the Everyday Edition.

These books contains:
* 12 pressed powder eyeshadows
* 2 cream eyeshadows
* 1 eyeliner
* 1 eyeshadow brush

The sparkle edition comes with a Coffee eyeliner and the Basic Edition comes with a black one.

Basic Eye Edition:

Sparkle Eye Edition:

Im really loving all of these colors, think they are very pretty. Looking forward to trying them out, hope they are as pigmented enough :)

Do you have any good tips on how to repair broken eyeshadows?
Would really come in handy, and please let me know if you have any requests, swatches etc.

I cant believe that i already have 150 followers. Thank you so much to all my amazing readers, you guys are amazing. As i promised, im going to post my NYX Giveaway. Im waiting on a little package, so hopefully it will be here tomorrow and then im posting it. If it dont arrive tomorrow, im going to find a way to post it anyway :)

Have you tried these eyeshadow books?
If yes, what do you think about them? :)


  1. Will you do swatches of these?


  2. great post loving ur products sweetie,have a great wknd&tk cre

  3. those are lovely colors, I always like it when they put them into a neat little book :)

  4. I like the look of that blue in the sparkle one!

  5. I am liking the sparkle eye collection a lot lovely!

    Broken eyeshadows....I wish I knew the answer to that too. I can be real clumsy sometimes, hehe! :)

  6. I Love the Beauty Encyclopedia ^^ I've also the face edition and lip edition and I love them too

  7. The same colour was a little broken in my palette too! I think it's the softest and the prettiest one! I think you can use rubbing alchohol but all I did was pressing it with a clear sponge. It's very very soft so it'll break if you press to much.

  8. hey Christine, actually I have read online that if you break your eyeshadow further, place some alcohol drops and press it with some sort of fabric, it will eventually dry and become pressed again :)


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