Friday, October 15, 2010

Mulberry For Target

As probably most off you already know, Mulberry teamed up with Target and released a limited line off handbags. I saw these bags yesterday on Dulce Candy's blog.

At first i was not completely sure about these bags.
I think they look kind of cheap. When i see a Mulberry handbag, i get a luxurious feeling.
These bags did not give me the same feeling.
I think they could have done better.

BUT i saw two bags that i really liked, and here they are:

Pebble Large Tote-Black:

This is my favorite bag in this collection off handbags.
I really like it and i think it looks cute too.
Black is always a good choice.

Large Cerise Leopard Satchel-Pink:

Since i love items with leopard prints on them, i would
probably go for this one too. :)

We dont have Target here, but i saw these bags on ebay too.
Im not sure if they are authentic or not, but i think they are.

What do you think about Mulberry For Target?
Have you bought any of their bags?
What do you think about the handbag quality?



  1. the leopard bag is so amazing, I want it really reall badl :D

    great blog :)


    hope you come visit/follow me! :)

  2. Handbags are a big thing. I wouldn't want one of these. I don't like the fact that it says "for Target". That bugs me. And I agree with you 100% they do look pretty cheap like they wouldn't last long. I think investing in the real thing would be a lot better. Great post!

  3. I haven't seen the full collection but from what I have seen I would agree its not a great collection. Nothing jumping out at me saying "buy me, buy me"

  4. I'm not a big fan of the black one but I do like the pink leopard print :) not sure about the bag but I love the print!

  5. lovely bags..I need that animal print one

  6. I love the bags, but I don't like the animal print one, but is because and I'm a little weird with prints

  7. Hi dear...

    Love the bags <3
    Great blog!!

    Ivânia Diamond*


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