Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Urban Decay Cowboy Junkie Set

I love Urban Decay's makeup especially their palettes.
I only own one palette, and thats the Alice in Wonderland palette.
My boyfriend gave it to me. i absolutely love it, its so gorgeous and really
pigmented :)

I saw this cute set called Cowboy Junkie. Im loving this one, its super cute and the colors are really pretty too.

This Set Contains:
- Midnight Cowboy - pink champagne w/ lots of silver glitter
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again - golden beige w/ bronze, gold & silver glitter
- Midnight Cowgirl - subtle golden-beige w/ gold glitter
- Romp - deep silvery grape
- Lip Junkie Lip Gloss - sheer nude sparkle
- 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the color Whiskey - dark brown

If you are a big fan off eyeshadows with lots off glitter, this is a very good palette for you.
Personally i love glitter, i think its a very pretty look and i love using it.

Swatches via Urban Decay’s facebook page:

I need to try and find this palette online. Urban Decay dont ship to Norway, really hope that they will start doing that soon.

Only 9 followers left until im posting my NYX Giveaway.
Hope you are going to be a part of it :)

Have you tried this palette before?
If yes, what do you think about it? :)


  1. I adore the grape colour, fabulous purchase! ♥


  2. i had no idea you lived in norway!! i agree urban decay has very cute packaging lol

  3. Hi Christine,

    Thanks so much for your comment, I loved your Hello Kitty robe as well. I 'll check on my local H&M too!

    See you soon.

  4. I love the lip gloss. I made a purchase of the lip gloss alone and it's nice and shimmery and good with my natural lip color.


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