Monday, October 25, 2010

Elf Cosmetics: Eye Shadows

This is my last haul post from Elf Cosmetics. I cant believe that i actually bought 40 products.
Free shipping is a dangerous thing for a makeup addict haha. But im very happy about the products that i got. Did not like every product, but most of them.
Will be doing some reviews too. If you have any questions, please let me know :)

Eyeshadow Duo:

Berry Mix, Olive & Eggplant


Berry Mix



Single Eyeshadows:

Saddle & Wild Wheat

Pepple & Amethyst


Im loving these eyeshadows. Really like the colors and they are actually
really pigmented. Love that their products are so pigmented and really
good quality. Its amazing since this brand is so affordable :)

My boyfriend ordered me a really amazing organizer. Now i finally can store my makeup in one place, cant wait until i get it. We are also going to look for a desk later today, need a new makeup table. Cant wait to get everything in order :)

I will be posting my NYX Giveaway tonight, so please stay tuned.
Im so excited :)

Do you have any plans today?


  1. Love your eyeshadows:)
    I`m going to relax today:)
    Finish at work soon:)


  2. OMG...saddle and amethyst are really pretty colors!


  3. Wowww they all are lovely!!! Eggplant is the best...Thanks for the swatches.

  4. wow, i like those eggplant eyeshadows! :)


  5. I'm really curious to try the studio eyeshadows, I'd love to see a look using them!

  6. ohh LOVING the brown and gold ! Amazing!!!

  7. those are amazing swatches! the products look so pigmented!

  8. pretty eyeshadows sweetie&wow 40 items in one go I wish I could do that but u got great stuff. I really like eggplant,olive&amethyst

  9. Oh thanks for the swatch. I got some ELF mineral eyeshadows and they are not nearly as pigmented as these! I think I want these!!

  10. Those colors look really nice, I might have to try them out lol.


  11. Those eyeshadows look awesome!! I think im goin to order some myself!!^^____^^



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