Monday, November 1, 2010

Purr By Katy Perry

Katy Perry is launching her very own perfume called “ Purr by Katy Perry” in November.
Her perfume comes in a cat-shaped bottle with jeweled eyes.
It contains aromas of peach nectar, apple, green bamboo, jasmine blossom and vanilla orchild.

This must be the most adorable perfume bottle i have seen.
I need to go to my perfume store and smell this when it comes out.
If it smells good im buying it and adding it to my perfume collection. It would be such a cute decoration for my room too.

What do you think about the bottle? :)
Are you planning on buying this perfume when it comes out?


  1. The bottle si definitely pretty and so original, but it's always hard to tell how a fragrance will smell even with the description of the notes. I'm very curious, though!

  2. I think the bottle is pretty interesting! I'll be sure to try the smell as soon as it comes out! Great blog btw! Your updates and tips are spot on dear!

    x victoria

  3. OMG! I need to have this! I don't care what it smells like! :D It looks like a kitty, that's all that matters! :D super cute, thanks for sharing!


  4. Wow, i wouldn't even mind the smell, i just loooove the bottle! amazing!

  5. Lush! I can't wait to smell it! My fave celeb perfume is Gwen Stefani's. :)

  6. I love e bottle,cant wait to try it out,great post sweetie thanx for sharing this info

  7. OH MY GOSHHHH! Can't wait to get this :)

    HUGE BLOG GIVEAWAY! Over $400 worth of prizes.

    Good luck!

  8. That bottle is A-maaazing! I love kittehs, I love purple & I love crystals.. I have to own it!

    P.s. you've got an award on my blog, check it out =)

  9. Katy Perry

    xoxo sere


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