Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Top 5 Fall Nail Polishes

I want to share my top 5, fall nail polishes with you all. These are the 5 nail polishes I think are perfect for fall. I love them all and I know I will be wearing these a lot! All 5 colors are gorgoeus and very affordable :)

♥ Taupe, Smooth Operator, Burgundy, Trout & Royal Blue.

♥ Taupe from NYX Cosmetics, $4 at Cherry Culture.
♥ Smooth Operator from NYX Cosmetics, $4 at Cherry Culture.
♥ Burgundy from Elf Cosmetics, £1.50 at
♥ Trout from NYX Cosmetics, $4 at Cherry Culture.
♥ Royal Blue from NYX Cosmetics, $4 at Cherry Culture.

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Which nail polish is your favorite for fall? :)
Xo Christine


  1. It's a shame I can only purchase NYX products online in the UK but I'm thinking it might be worth it for Taupe and Trout. Gorgeous colours! :)

  2. I like Trout and Taupe. How was the application on those?

  3. My favorite fall shades are OPI Black Cherry Chutney, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, and Milani Garnet Gems.

  4. beautiful colors, i love the dark blue!

  5. I must say, Smooth Operator is still my favorite!

  6. Beautiful polishes! My favourite is Graphite from Chanel ! ♥

  7. Smooth Operator is sooo pretty!

  8. @Morie Love the application, really pigmented colors. Only used two coats :)

  9. @Chris Definitely going to check those out :)

  10. @Principessa Constanze I really want that too, looks really pretty :)

  11. wow what a beautiful collection of nail polishes, rally great colours. your blog is great, now following!


  12. @Sarirah I thought that too until I found this little shop near me that had tons of beauty products with a majority of them being NYX so i stocked up on liners and lip pens but having seen these amazing colours by Christine I may have to go back :) x

    Becky @

  13. Taupe is my favorite of all of these, it looks gorgeous and I would totally wear it too, all the time!


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