Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunsilk Minerals & Syoss

Here are the three hair products that i bought yesterday, i also bought two makeup products from Viva La Diva that i posted yesterday. You can see which products i got here

I picked up the Volume Lift & Crystal Shine Shampoo and Balsam by Sunsilk Minerals and
Syoss Heat Protect Styling-Spray.
I have been using the products from Sunsilk Minerals for a very long time now, and i really
like them. I needed a new heat protecting spray since i love curling my hair a lot.
Never tried this spray, so im looking forward to trying it out.

Will be doing reviews on these products. Please let me know if there is anything
you want me to write a review about or if you have any other requests.

I will be posting swatches of the eyeshadow palette by Viva La Diva and pictures with the pink barbie lipstick later today. Got a few requests about those products :)

What Shampoo and Balsam do you use?
Any products you want to recommend? :)

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