Friday, November 5, 2010

NOTD: Rock Candy

Im loving Essie Nail Polishes more and more.
This nail polish is from the 2009 winter collection, i got this, lollipop and mint candy apple.
I did a NOTD post with Lollipop, you can read about it here

Im going to get some of the collections that they have come out with, they are gorgeous.
Going to do a post about the collections later :)

What i really like about Essie is that they have so many colors to choose from.
If you click on nail colors and then click on pink, all the pinks that they have show up.
Such a great way to find your favorite pink color.
You can find this nail polish in the pink section here

Do you like Essie?
If yes, which color is your favorite?


  1. Very pretty nails sweetie&lovely colour too. I have never bought any polish from this Brand but Imma check it out. Thanks for sharing&all ur lovely comments,really appreciate it

  2. so pretty! I need something like that to make my nails look healthier! = ] hope you're well

  3. The color is GORGEOUS! Ohh really? need to see if they ship to Portugal !

  4. ive never tried essie nailpolish. i love how this polish gives your natural nails pinky and glossy :)

  5. I always wanted to try essie... everyone seems to love it.
    I'm not too keen on these natural shades. I prefer dark polish or colours that are vibrant.

  6. I surely will have to check out their collection! I loved the red one you were using on another post

  7. Oh, and only delivers to the uk!


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