Sunday, November 7, 2010

Army Green & Black

When i was looking throught some bags today, i found these two tops that has been missing for a while now haha! Im so happy that i found them, my room is such a mess, boxes and bags everywhere.

My boyfriend got the old room that i used to store my things in, so now i have the bedroom.
Going to turn it into a little walk in closet / makeup room.
Have bought a lot of stuff to store my makeup, shoes etc. I know it will be very good when everything is in order. Hopefully that would not take that long.

This top is gorgeous. Look at the pretty army green color, I love it!
The lace details makes it even more prettier.

This a gorgeous black sweather with Lace details.
Its very cute :)

My boyfriend bought me a organizer for my room, so i can store my makeup and scrapbooking stuff, but guess what! The idiots forgot to add the screws, and now it looks like
im never going to get them, since they have stopped making it.
But my boyfriend thought he could find some screws, so hopefully he does.
Im so irritated!

Its been snowing all day long. I finally got to take some
outfit pictures in the snow, woohoo. Will post it later :)

What do you use to store your makeup in?
Do you have snow where you live? :)

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