Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Dress + Free Gift

Here is the new dress that i was talking about.
Its a simple but gorgeous dress and i really like the diamond details on the shoulder straps and the top of the dress. It can be used as a dress or as a top.

Im going to a Christmas Party and i was thinking about wearing this dress.
Since this is a strapless dress, i know its going to get cold.

What do you think would look good with this dress?
I really need some advice :)

I got this cute metallic leopard tights for free with the dress.
I love them, they are so cute. :)

What do you think about the dress and the tights? :)


  1. love the leopard print leggings!

    For parties - i think the leopard leggings will go well along with it (if the weather is cold and you need something for the legs). If not, maybe pair it with knee-high boots?

    Since the dress is black it's so versatile ;) i'll pair it with some floral-print leggings for fall and winter, probably top it up with some cardigan.

    (if it's summer i think you can get away with this dress without leggings :D)

  2. love both of them but probably not together in an outfit..

  3. i think they look good together, pretty!

  4. I love the dress. I would personally rock the tights with the dress. I'd love to feature you on my blog! I developed the idea for "Loyal Rewards by El'Aundra© " & this is how I promote my followers & help them increase traffic to their blog while allowing other followers to learn more about the blogs that I feature. If you're interested my blog is at
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  5. lovely dress sweetie&I have leggings that look just the same....great buys. The dress is probably a bit too long to go with those tights,maybe get a get a cardigan&tights to go with it...


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