Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sexy Shoes By Paris Hilton

A girl cant have enought shoes right? :)

I have a lot of shoes on my wishlist, and i really wanted to show you these sexy shoes by Paris Hilton. Been wanting these for a very long time now, just think they are fabulous and so sexy.

I love her shoe line. It consists of so many gorgeous, sexy and cute shoes, its almost impossible
to pick a favorite.

A while ago i bought a pair of black boots from her line and i absolutely love them.
They are so confortable to walk in, and they look super sexy and cute at the same time.
I love that the sole on the shoes are pink, such a cute detail.

The bad thing is that i had to buy them on ebay since the website dont ship to Norway.
I had to pay twice as much because its so expensive to ship to Norway.
So I really hope that one day they will start shipping to Norway, so i can get my hands on these gorgeous babies.

I will show you the boots in another blog post, and i can feature them in an outfit of the day post if you would like to see them better.

Whats on your wishlist?
What do you think about the shoes? :)


  1. I really like the leopard print pair in the first picture! Can't wait to see your boots in your upcoming post :)

  2. Oh my! my first reaction was wow! i love shoes sooo much and i would love to have even one pair of shoes from her brand! wow really! and thanks dear for the sweet comment on my blog, you're a doll! kisses!


  4. these are awesome!!especially the leopard ones with a bow!

  5. these are super gorgeous and must have shoes. I need some lol will check out her line becoz I never did before..cant wait to see ur gorgeous/cute boots in ur OOTD sweetie

  6. I like those shoes, but i cant handle high heels :( and most of shoes hurt my feet.. yeah, kinda sucks.
    And it happens also in Spain, they never ship here! x

  7. I love Paris Hilton, and I love shoes. Ergo, I love Paris Hilton's shoes.
    And I am not ashamed.

  8. I love them all, they're fabulous! :)
    Yes, I'm really interested in your PH boots, please show it! :)

  9. I like some of them, ( i don't say 'all' (but i do want to)because it's Paris Hilton. Paris always is a bit...too much)

  10. Ha tbh i had no idea she even had a shoe line! What is the quality like? I've purchased other PH merch in the past and most of it has been rubbish. Jessica Simpson's shoe line is fabulous and great quality!

  11. Those zebra print heels torward the top are so cute! I never even knew she had a shoe line!


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