Friday, November 19, 2010

Manicure Pen: Before & After Pictures

Today i tried out this French Manicure Pen, and i have to say that im surprised.
Didn't think that it would be that good, but its actually a great product.
You just draw the "French Manicure look" on your nails and let it dry, then apply a clear nail polish over it.
This is much easier than doing it with nail polish and it was only $16



It was a little hard to do it on the left hand since im right handed haha!
But i think it looks good and thats what matters, right? :)

What do you think about the final result?

Have you tried a French Manicure Pen before?


  1. I am impressed, I'll hint to the bf about stocking filler ideas, hehe! Cheers babe! x

  2. I am terrible at nail art... that may be a great option for me! Have you ever tried any guides? I think that may be helpful too!

  3. Very nice love it!
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  4. you have the cleanest nails! haha. and thats so handy! especially if a shaky hand like mine

  5. I've heard a lot about this and I wanted to see a very cool opinion about it. GREAT!

  6. I hate those pens. I find them so hard to use.

  7. Oh here it, your review ... didn't have time to read blogs last week ...
    Looks like it works! My advice for your right hand would be to use some kind of tape or reinforcement labels! ;)


  8. I love this look, I have French manicure now, too. :) I haven't tried this pen before, I always do it with simple white nail polish. But I'm getting better and better every time, so it looks cool this way. :)
    I love your beauty and fashion ideas, you always inspire me! :)


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