Monday, November 1, 2010

H&M Mini Haul: Goodies

One of my favorite stores is H&M. They have so many gorgeous clothes to choose from in the store. Silje, my boyfriend's sister ordered these things for me a while ago and i finally got it about 2 weeks ago.

I love that H&M have an online store. A lot of the things they have online, they dont have in their local store. My mom ordered some things for me today from their website.
They have so many pretty things for the house, bought some decoration for our appartment and some clothes. So excited :)
I Sent H&M an email because i forgot my password to my account, and they sent me my code today. Now i dont have to ask my mom to order for me anymore.

This jacket is so warm and confortable.
I really like that its long, perfect for fall/winter.

This must be the softest sweather that i own.
I love it, its so cute and its navy blue which is one of my favorite colors to use.

Dont have alot of white shirts, so i thought i would buy one and see how it looks on me.
This with a belt around the waist is a perfect combination.

I love these jeans, they are very pretty and the color is perfect. I dont like to wear a lot of light jeans. I usually go for the dark blue ones like these.

I love belts, they can make a big difference in how your outfit looks.
This is such a pretty brown color, cant wait to start using this. This belt with the white shirt will look super pretty.

These are really confortable to walk in. They are a little too big, but i just wear thich socks and they fit perfect. I really dont like buying shoes online without trying them on first, but i really liked these a lot so i just went for it.

Think this hat is so adorable, but its too cold to wear outside now haha.
But its very cute and i will wear it inside and outside when its starting to get a little warmer in the air.

Im very happy about the things i got. Silje, thank you so much for ordering these things for me.
Love you sweetie :)

Have you bought anything from H&M lately? :)


  1. wauw very cool items!! Love your blog so much :)


  2. Oh gosh, i already miss my local H&M, gotta go there next week i guess. I love everything you got from her, so lucky! I checked up you H&M online, and i found lots of good stuff especially the Hello Kitties, which we dont have here in the local H&M, booo!!! i hate my local H&M now, hahah =)

  3. great buys sweetie,really love the boots,hat& the long grey cardigan seems so warm..

  4. H & M are coming to Australia soon...... HELL TO THE YESSS xx

    HUGE BLOG GIVEAWAY! Over $400 worth of prizes.

    Good luck!

  5. I love H&M! It's probably the first shop I go to when I am looking to buy more clothes!
    I love your boots! Great thing about H&M shoes is that they are gorgeous & not expensive at all! Great buys ;)

  6. hey gorgeous..will try&post e jewellery collection4u 2mr...hav a gudnite,tk cre..much love..xoxo

  7. Great items. You look super cute in that hat.

  8. Cute clothes!! I really like the gray cardigan in the first photo♥


  9. Oh I wish H&M was near me...I'd go crazy :P Love the sweater and jacket it looks very comfy and the hat :D very cute!! ^__^ Thank you for stopping by my blog <3


  10. Soo pretty! I hope you can find the perfum! Is amazing


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