Friday, November 5, 2010

Wishlist: Essie - Resort, Wedding & Fall Collection

These three collection from Essie are on my wishlist.
I love each and every color that is in these collections, i just love them so much.
I will probably start of by getting the resort collection, since that is the one i have been wanting the most.

You can find all the collections at Essie's Website, here is the link.
You can also buy separate nail polishes from the collections. If you click on nail colors and pick the color pink for example, you will see all the pink colors that Essie has on their website.
Its so easy to choose your colors that way. :)

The Resort Collection:

The Wedding Collection:

The Fall Collection:

What do you think about these collections?
Which one is your favorite? :)


  1. i have little brown dress and loveee it, opaque after one coat!

  2. Wedding collection so adorable, but fall collection is eye catching.
    So i think better to have both :)

  3. The resort collection is on my wish list!! the colors are so unique and beautiful, I also want the rest of the fall collection!!!

    love <3


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