Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Ankle Boots From Ebay

Im a big fan of Ebay, and i found these ankle boots a while ago, got them in the mail a few days ago. I really like them, they are really cute and inside they have leopard prints all over.
They had grey, black and pink ones, really wanted to get the black too but i just ended up with these.

I normally use a US size 8 in shoes, but they did not have size 8, only 7.5 and down, so i just gambled on the 7.5 and it fits perfect on my foot, LUCKY haha!

On ebay they have a lot of cute shoes, and the best thing is that some of the really gorgeous shoes are so affordable. I paid $28 for these boots and the shipping was free.
I will keep buying shoes from ebay, they have so much more to choose from than the stores here in the city.

I really like how they look too. I will definitely start using these soon, just hoping that the ice outside will melt first haha!

What do you think about these boots?
Do you like to buy things from Ebay? :)


  1. love your lace tights! Since i don't own my own paypal account i dont buy from Ebay :)

  2. Love love love the boots!!!

    You should enter to be featured on my blog!!!
    ♥ El'Aundra

  3. they are nice:) but be bewared of quality if they are from China.. ive bought 2 pairs of boots like this on ebay, they delivered from China and the quality was very poor:( damaged after first using:(


  4. so nice!
    did you have any problems with the paypal?
    I'm a follower now,hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too :)


  5. they're really cute, although I'm not so the Ankle Boot Fan. I bought last year some Partyshoes from ebay and they're great.

  6. I love those boots and I love ebay!! :-D

    very cute!! <3

  7. those are some sexy boots! i lvoe it! especially your tights! nice combo :)

  8. i really love those. theyre adorable and the leopard print makes them so unique

  9. I love the inside animal print:x

    xoxo sere

  10. love the boots! i love buying stuff on ebay, sometimes i feel like it is a bit of an addiction :-)

  11. they are really cute, Christine! Good choice :)



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