Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wishlist: Coastal Scents

I love Costal Scents, they have so many amazing products, and these four items are on my
wishlist. All these items are new products that Coastal Scents came out with.

I need to go on their website and order, been too long since i ordered from their site.

36 Smokey Eyeshadow Palette:

This exclusive palette designed by Coastal Scents artistic team is only available at Coastal Scents. This new 36 shade newly designed portable palette is going to be your next best friend. What makes this palette special is that it comes grouped into six divisible color spectrums, and each spectrum has six complementary shades. This gives you an infinite number of possibilities all in one palette.

Eclipse Concealer Palette:

Finally! A perfect concealer palette that not only showcases 12 made to match shades, but also hosts 3 fantastic corrector concealers.

88 Prism Palette:

This palette truly is a Prism of Colors. Ranging from warm neutral tones, rich blues and greens, vibrant yellows and reds, flirty pinks and cool tones too. The colors in this case are perfect for everyday wear because the majority of them are matte. There are a few shades that are a true Satin finish, with only a hint of Shimmer. Highly pigmented shades, all shadows can also be
applied wet for a deeper longer lasting effect.

Lash Curler:

I NEED a new lash curler and this is perfect. Need to try it out, it looks amazing.

What is on your wishlist at the moment?
Do you like Coastal Scents? :)


  1. you can find the same concelear palette and 88 palette on ebay wayyyy cheaper!
    i suggest you take a look :)

  2. I really have been wanting the metal mania palette :)

  3. i bought the corrective concealer on ebay got it today will post about it soon :) it looks the same as the coastal scents :) and i bought a mini eyelash curler too off ebay. i'm pretty sure they're the same except for the logo.

  4. love the coastal scents mineral eyeshadow and their gel liners arn't too bad either

  5. I havent tried anythn from Coastal scents before but those look like great palettes sweetie.

    On my wishlist
    I want a makeup storage thingy,Nars face primer&mac 217 brush

  6. Oooh, nice wishlist! I have the CS original 88 palette, but now I want the blush palette or the contour palette!

  7. I love CS! I just recently ordered from them, I got the old concealer palette and the 88 Ultra Shimmer. I probably won't order again soon, but I really want all of those things too lol. I don't need another lash curler, but theirs looks cute and easy to use, I wonder if it works well? It's such a good price, it would be worth a try!


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