Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beyonce Heat, EOS Lipbalm & French Manicure Pen

I wanted to show you guys the three things i ended up getting when i was shopping with my mom yesterday. We went shopping, job searching and went to the movies to watch Paranormal Activity 2.

I liked Paranormal Activity 2, it was a good movie but it should have been movie number one since the whole story started there. But i liked it and i need to watch the first one again, its the best one.

Beyonce Heat Gift Set:

This is one of my favorite perfumes, it smells so amazing. I had to get a new one since my old
one is almost empty. This gift set consists of the perfume, a body lotion and a pearl exfoliating shower gel.

I really recommend that you check out this perfume the next time you are in your local perfume store. It smells amazing and i think you will love it too.

EOS Lip Balm - Summer Fruit

I lost my old EOS - Summer Fruit, so i had to get a new one.
I absolutely love this lip balm, my lips feel so soft after using this.
Think i might be hooked on this product haha!

French Manicure Pen:

Im so excited to try out this product. I have heard a lot of good things about it from
Norwegian bloggers. I will try it out soon and post before and after pictures so you can see
the final result. This is such a easy and fast way to give your nails a "French Manicure look"

Have you tried any of these products?
Whats your favorite perfume? You have one you want to recommend? :)


  1. nice haul! i really like those EOS balms they look so cute!! :-) my favorite perfume is hot couture by Givenchy! such a pretty,sophisticated scent

  2. Hey Christine,

    I would love to see a review done on Heat by Beyonce. I am a perfume fanatic, I collect them! I was thinking of getting that one, but wasn't sure so went for the Kim Kardashian one instead.

  3. Heat smells like sweets. I kind of like it :)

  4. ooo i love eos lip balms! i think i maybe addicted to them as well! oo i want to try out heat as well! the bottle looks soo cute! xoxo

  5. thanx for ur review sweetie I was actually thinking of buying this as a xmas gift for my friend but I may have to get another set for myself hehe..I have too many faves but I love Miss Dior Cherie,Lola by Marc Jacobs,Daisy by Marc Jacobs,Britney Spears fantasy,Jlo Live and the list goes on but these I reach out the most

  6. Oh, I wanna see a swatch of this nail art pen!!

  7. Thank you! I'll be looking forward to it! :)

  8. wow! impressive to know that some people can finish perfume! (i never finish one :P)

    My favourite (signature perfume) is Marc Jacobs EDP...i'll marry it if it's a man :D

  9. Haven't tried any of the products, but the french manicure pen looks interesting! :) Looking foward to your review



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