Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beauty Tip: Eyebrow Shape

Your eyebrow is supposed to start directly above the inner corner of your eye.
The highest point should be just a little beyond the outer corner of the iris and should taper
off to the end.


  1. When I was growing I wanted to look like a 1950's pin up because of their beatuiful red lips and perfected eyebrows. :) x

  2. I started tweezing when I was 12, so I didn't know much about shape yet. My brows are still pretty thick, but the shape is kinda messed up.. I think it's too late for me lol. x3

  3. ahh I just got mine reshaped on monday & will be blogging about my experience soon! they've always been quite tadpoley, but now theyre more like lines.. not sure if i like it but nothing I can do yet!

  4. I like your little Beauty Tip of the Day posts! Keep them coming ;)



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