Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ACW Mini Haul

When i bought the MAC Cosmetics product for my giveaway, i also picked up a few other products for myself.

I bought all the products from ACW, love that site.
They have so many amazing products and its a place where i can buy MAC products.
MAC Cosmetics dont ship to Norway, so im so happy that i can get it through ACW. They have really good range of products too. I really recommend that site, i buy all my makeup there and im always pleased with the products.

I wanted to show you the goodies that i got, hope you enjoy this post and please leave me a comment if you want to see swatches or if you have some questions or requests :)

MAC & Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palette:

I have been looking at this palette for a very long time. Im such a huge fan of MAC and Hello Kitty, so this is a must have in my makeup collection.
Im loving the colors too, such a pretty combination of colors.
This palette is called Lucky Tom

Michael Todd Cosmetics Lipstick:

I have never tried Michael Todd Cosmetics before, thats why i bought this lipstick.
I love trying out new products and brands. Looking forward to trying this out.
Lipstick Name: Lace

Tokidoki For Smashbox

I love Tokidoki, its so cute. This palette is adorable and it has four pretty colors in it.
This is the Modella palette.

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows:

So excited to try Bobbi Brown. These two colors are so pretty, i love natural eye shadows.
These are the colors baby pink and naked, gorgeous!

Gift: Pixi By Petra

They sent me this gift as a little "thank you". They always do that if your order is $40 or more.
Thats why i always shop for more than $40, love getting suprise gifts haha. :)

This is a eye colour sealer. It instantly transform powder eye shadow, loose eye shadow or loose glitter into a smudge-proof liquid liner. So excited to try this out, sounds really amazing :)

Have you tried any of these products before?
You want to see swatches?


  1. I love they sell all the discontinued mac stuff! I love what you got!


  2. i love your blog! can you do swatches of the hello kitty palette please?

  3. So many great things! I am very jealous!

  4. I just got my order from ACW today! Yayy hehe.

    I'd love to see swatches of all if you don't mind. The Bobbi Brown eyeshadows look like you could use them as blushes/bronzers!

    SO CUTE ♥

  6. love the little palette!

    Enter my blog giveaway with over $400 worth of prizes xx

  7. I thought the bobby brown eyeshadows were blushes :D They would be great as a blush, too, wouldn't they ? :)

    The colors in the hello kitty and smashbox palette are supercute. Especially like the purple!

    Can't wait for your Mac Giveaway! :)


  8. The Hello Kitty palette is gorgeous, too bad is discontinued :(
    i'm going to check that site :D

  9. Great haul! thanks for sharing Christine! :O)

  10. Gorgeous choices - the colours you've gone for look so pretty and natural! I'd definitely be tempted by the hello kitty palette just cos of the packaging, it really is adorable!

    Oh and the lipstick is a beautiful shade - I reckon it'd make the most perfect nude, very handy cos you could use it with pretty much any makeup look! :)

  11. what a lovely haul sweetie,I like everythn u bought&btw its good u now hav somewhere u can buy Mac products so Yay 2that lol!!!


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